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Barrington Scott "Bo" Henderson (born June 10, 1956 in Washington, Pennsylvania) is an African-American R&B singer. He has been a member of the R&B group Lakeside, and was a member of The Dramatics for a year before becoming a lead singer of The Temptations from 1998 to 2003. Henderson replaced Theo Peoples as one of the group's lead singers. Henderson left The Temptations in 2003.

Henderson's first solo album, Best Kept Secret, was released in 2003. He continues to tour, sometimes performing with fellow ex-Temptation such as Glenn Leonard. Barrington is working on his second CD tentatively titled Bodacious that includes tracks by Ira Ward.

Barrington's mother, Joyce St.Amie, was an electric jazz singer. Barrington grew up in the music industry, travelling with his mother and stepfather, "Crack", who was a noted jazz pianist. Barrington began playing the drums as a pre-teen.

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