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Battle of Manila may refer to:

Land battles[edit]

  • Battle of Manila (1365) - Forces of Majapahit's Maharaja Hayam Wuruk engage with the soldiers from the Kingdom Saludong; Majapahit victory, Saludong is incorporated.
  • Battle of Manila (1500) - The Sultanate of Brunei invades the Kingdom of Tondo and installs their puppet Muslim Rajah, Suleiman, to the throne.
  • Battle of Manila (1571) - Spanish forces and their various allies drove out the ruling Muslim elite and founded the capital city of the Philippines
  • Battle of Manila (1574) - Chinese Pirate Warlord "Limahong" and his forces engages and fails against the Spanish forces led by Don Galo.
  • Battle of Manila (1762) - A British occupation of Manila, a victory in the Seven Years' War
  • Battle of Manila (1896) - Katipunero revolutionaries under Andres Bonifacio attempted to take the city from the Spanish forces during the Philippine Revolution.
  • Battle of Manila (1898) - U.S. and Filipino troops captured the city from the Spanish during the Spanish–American War
  • Battle of Manila (1899) - Filipino revolutionaries attempted to take the city from U.S. troops during the Philippine–American War
  • Battle of Manila (1945) - United States and Philippine Commonwealth forces, supported by the recognized guerrilla fighters, battled to take the city from Imperial Japanese forces during World War II.

Other Land battles[edit]

Naval battles[edit]