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Bauram is a big village situated at block Gora bauram, Darbhanga, Bihar, India. This village was settled about that time when India was under the rule of Mughal during 1600-1700 by LONG CHADHRY's family, who was migrated from Jagdishpur,Siwan,Bihar to Asi,Darbhanga,Bihar.LONG CHAUDHARY was a Hindu brahmin. After some times he convert his religion from 'Hinduism' into 'Islam' and became a Muslim.Hence his next generation was Muslim( seikh).

             Next generation of Long chaudhry came here from Asi because of here's green grasses for their cattle's fodder. where they stayed and made their shelter , that colony is now known as "gaaon par" in village ,where is the oldest mosque of the village which is named as 'Jama masjid'.

In the village there are 5 Mosques and 2 Temples.