Beat Girl

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Beat Girl
Directed by Edmond T. Gréville
Produced by George Willoughby
Written by Dail Ambler
Starring David Farrar
Noëlle Adam
Christopher Lee
Gillian Hills
Adam Faith
Music by John Barry
Trevor Peacock (lyrics)
Cinematography Walter Lassally
Edited by Gordon Pilkington
Distributed by Renown Pictures (UK)
Victoria Films (USA)
Release dates
Running time
85 min.
Country UK
Language English

Beat Girl is a 1960 British film about late-fifties youth-rebellion. The title character is played by starlet Gillian Hills, who later went on to have numerous small roles in 1960s and 1970s films, such as Blowup and A Clockwork Orange, and became a successful "ye-ye" singer in France.

The music was performed by The John Barry Seven & Orchestra. It was the first British soundtrack album to be released on an LP. The film also features Christopher Lee as a strip-joint operator, Oliver Reed, and Nigel Green. It features the film debuts of Adam Faith and Peter McEnery. The film was released in America under the title Wild for Kicks.

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