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The Belgian Fourth Division B is one of the four leagues at the fourth level of the Belgian football league system, the other ones being the Belgian Fourth Division A, C and D. This division exists since the 1952-53 season and is played every year with 16 clubs in each league.

The 2010-2011 clubs[edit]

Club Municipality Province Finishing position last season[1]
K. Berchem Sport Antwerp Antwerp 12th
S.K. Berlare Berlare East Flanders 6th of promotion A
Dilbeek Sport Dilbeek Flemish Brabant 10th
K.F.C. Duffel Duffel Antwerp 6th
Eendracht Zele Zele East Flanders 11th of promotion A
K. Everbeur Sport Scherpenheuvel-Zichem Flemish Brabant 3rd of Brabant Division One1
K.F.C. Katelijne Sint-Katelijne-Waver Antwerp 4th of Antwerp Division One2
K. Londerzeel S.K. Londerzeel Flemish Brabant 11th
K. Lyra T.S.V. Lier Antwerp 8th
K.R.C. Mechelen Mechelen Antwerp 18th of third division A
K. Olmypia S.C. Wijgmaal Leuven Flemish Brabant 4th
K.S.K. Sint-Paulus Opwijk Opwijk Flemish Brabant 13th3
K.F.C. Sport Sint-Gillis-Waas Sint-Gillis-Waas East Flanders 7th
Tempo Overijse Overijse Flemish Brabant 9th
Verbroedering Meldert Aalst East Flanders 5th
K.V.C. Willebroek-Meerhof Willebroek Antwerp 19th of third division A

^ — K. Everbeur Sport won the Brabant Division One play-off
^ — K.F.C. Katelijne won the Antwerp Division One play-off
^ — K.S.K. Sint-Paulus Opwijk finished fourth of the Belgian interprovincial play-off

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