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For the most recent season, see Big Brother 2 (Canada).
Big Brother
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Big Brother is a Canadian reality television show in which a group of contestants, known as "HouseGuests", are sequestered in the Big Brother House, under the surveillance of cameras and microphones, for the chance to win a grand prize of $100,000 by being the last remaining HouseGuest.[2][3] Each week, the HouseGuests vote to evict one of their own until two HouseGuests remain on finale night. The winner is decided by the last seven evicted HouseGuests, known as the Big Brother Jury.[4]

The program is based on the original Dutch television series, Big Brother, created in 1997 by John de Mol.[5] The Canadian series is produced by Endemol USA and Insight Productions. Insight Productions has previously produced local Canadian versions of the popular reality television series, Canadian Idol and Canada's Got Talent.[6]

In January 2013, Arisa Cox was named as the show's host.[7][8]

The first season premiered on February 27, 2013.[9] The winner of the first season was Jillian MacLaughlin. On June 5, 2013, it was confirmed that the show will return for a second season.[10] The second season premiered on March 5, 2014 on Slice TV, [11][12] and concluded on May 8, 2014 where Jon Pardy was named the winner.[13] On June 4, 2014, it was confirmed that the show will return for a third season and the main show will move to Global, [1] while the additional programming will remain on Slice.


Main series[edit]

The Big Brother format has been available in Canada since July 5, 2000, when Global Television Network purchased the rights to transmit the U.S. version in Canada. A French Canadian adaptation of the Big Brother franchise, Loft Story, was produced and broadcast for six seasons in Quebec from 2003 to 2009.[14] In 2010, Loft Story was replaced by Big Brother 2010, which was the first international edition of the Big Brother franchise to follow a format similar to that of the U.S. edition, though some changes were implemented. Big Brother 2010 aired for one season. Every season of the U.S. version has been simulcast in Canada by either Global or former sister network, CH, while airing in the United States on CBS.[6] Though viewers in Canada could vote in polls for the game, and subscribe to the live Internet feeds, Canadian citizens could not apply to be on the series unless they were also a U.S. Citizen or National.[15] Shaw Media, parent company of Global, announced on May 30, 2012, that the first English version of Big Brother would air in the 2012-13 television broadcast season in Canada on its digital cable channel, Slice.[16] Slice later announced that viewers would have online access to the entire season of live feeds for free, opting out of a subscription-based service like the one offered for the U.S. series.[17][18] Initially, the series was scheduled to premiere on February 18, 2013;[9] however, it premiered on February 27, 2013.[19][20][21] In total, the first season features fifteen HouseGuests competing to win the grand prize.[22]


After Dark[edit]

It has been confirmed that the Big Brother spin-off series, Big Brother: After Dark, will air alongside Big Brother Canada on Slice from 2am to 5am.[23] The series provides an uncensored live feed from the house, airing for three hours every night.[24]

Side Show[edit]

In addition to "After Dark," it was announced for the second season that season one contestants Gary Levy and Peter Brown would be returning to do an after show once a week, titled "Big Brother Side Show." The show will be a talk/panel show discussing the week's happenings inside the house with some guests and the evicted houseguest from the prior eviction show. It will air at 10pm after the Thursday eviction shows.[25]

For Season 3 the show will remain on Slice and expand to an hour long format.

Series details and viewership[edit]

Season Channel Launch date Finale date Days HouseGuests Winner Jury vote Average viewers
Big Brother 1 Slice1 February 27, 2013 May 2, 2013 71 15 Jillian MacLaughlin 4–3 2.7[26] 29
Big Brother 2 March 5, 2014 May 8, 2014 Jon Pardy 6–1 3.0
Big Brother 3 Global 2015

^Note 1 : The first episode of both Slice seasons aired on Global as a "Sneak Peek Special".


The format for Big Brother in Canada remains largely unchanged from the U.S. edition, making them the only two versions of the series thus far to follow this format. HouseGuests are sequestered in the Big Brother House without contact with the outside world. Each week, the HouseGuests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win food, luxuries, and opportunities to become the Head of Household (HoH) or win the Power of Veto (PoV).[27] The winner of the weekly HoH competition is immune from nominations and nominates two fellow HouseGuests for eviction. The two HouseGuests nominated for eviction are also referred to as being "on the block" for eviction. After a HouseGuest becomes HoH, he or she is ineligible to take part in the next HoH competition.[28][29] The winner of the PoV competition wins the right to save one of the nominated HouseGuests from eviction and take them off the block. If the PoV winner exercises the power, the HoH then nominates another HouseGuest to go up on the block for eviction.[29][30] HouseGuests also take part in the Have vs. Have-Not competitions. Depending on their performance during the competitions, HouseGuests are divided into either the "Haves" or the "Have Nots." The Have Nots are restricted to eating "Big Brother Slop" and a couple of food items selected by the viewing public. They are also allowed to eat condiments and protein shakes. Have Nots are only allowed to take cold showers, and typically sleep on uncomfortable beds in a room with poor aesthetics.

On Eviction Night, all HouseGuests, except for the HoH and the two nominees on the block, vote to evict one of the two nominees.[29] This compulsory vote takes place in the Diary Room, where voting HouseGuests are asked by the show's host, Arisa Cox, whom they want to evict. In the event of a tie, the HoH casts the deciding vote, announcing it in front of the other HouseGuests.[31] Unlike other versions of Big Brother, the HouseGuests may discuss the nomination and eviction process openly and freely.[29] The nominee with the greatest number of votes is evicted from the House during the live broadcast, which usually occurs on Thursday nights, exiting to an adjacent studio to be interviewed by Cox.[31] HouseGuests may voluntarily leave the House at any time, and those who break the rules may be expelled from the House by Big Brother.[32][33] The final seven HouseGuests evicted during the season, which comprise the Big Brother Jury, vote for the winner at the season finale. These jury members are sequestered in a separate house at another location and are not allowed to watch the show, except for competitions and ceremonies that include all of the remaining HouseGuests. The jury members are not shown any Diary Room interviews or footage that may include strategy or details regarding nominations.[34]

Some changes from the U.S. version have been implemented. For example, "Big Brother" is a live person that gives contestants directions openly during the broadcast as opposed to pre-recorded messages that are often edited out of the main show of the U.S. series (although, the pre-recorded messages, and direction from the production team, can often be heard during the U.S. version of Big Brother: After Dark.) The PoV necklace is a letter "V" with a power symbol inside as opposed to a circle with a line through it. Nominations are held in the living room with HouseGuests seated on the sofas as opposed to the HouseGuests seated at the dining room table. The nominations board is a moveable board that has a headshot of each HouseGuest with room for their keycards, which serves the same purpose as the Memory Wall with slots for HouseGuest "keys." There is also a unique twist called the "Chevrolet Power Shift" (Season 1) and "Twistos Twist" (Season 2) where once in a while the viewers are allowed to vote online on a twist to the game. The nature of the twist can very and previous examples include, voting an evicted houseguest back into the house, making the public the HoH or PoV holder and allowing the public to vote on how the respective power is to be used and making the public a Jury member for the final vote . The name change was due to sponsorship changes but otherwise the twist remained the same.


The house began construction in mid-September 2012 at Orbiter Studios in Mississauga, Ontario, and is mostly indoors. However, the "backyard" is outfitted with special lights that simulate a day and night cycle for the houseguests. The only part of the house that is outside is a small deck with a hot tub and fireplace.[35]

It was announced that for Season 2 they would have a new house, located near downtown Toronto at Showline Studios in the Portlands.[36] It has two stories with the bedroom and bathroom on the second floor, unlike the U.S version of Big Brother and season 1 of the series. The backyard is also different from season 1, with the pool having its on room inside the backyard.


3.2 million viewers reached on Slice™ 8 million page views and over 2.3 million minutes live streamed Attention Editors. Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada Side Show, and Big Brother Canada After Dark are a triple threat on Slice. Since the March 5 premiere, the Big Brother Canada trio has increased the channel's 2014 audience by 58%* reaching 3.1 million (V2+) viewers with garnering 8 million page views to date. The Big Brother Canada powerhouse continues online. In the last week alone, has streamed over 2.3 million minutes of the Ramada-sponsored live feeds and saw over 175,000 combined online votes for The Brick's Get the HOH Look and the #FINALHG #TWISTOSTWIST. Users online also get to earn points and once a certain number of points is reached(with all the user points combined), a certain event happens within the house. Like a visit from a past season houseguest.


Big Brother 1[edit]

During the final vote, Topaz Brady accidentally cast her vote for Jillian McLaughlin to win, when her intention was to vote for Gary Levy. Upon realizing her mistake, Brady pleaded with show producers to allow her vote be changed - to no avail. Counting Brady's vote, McLaughlin won the game by a 4-3 vote, with Levy becoming runner-up. Levy voiced his support of the decision, saying "I’m happy for Jillian. She won fair and square if you think about the rules of the game."[37][38]

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Year Group Award Nominee Status
2014 Canadian Screen Awards Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Non-Fiction Program or Series[39] Insight Productions

Peter Faragher, Sandra Svendsen

Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition, Performing Arts or Talk Program or Series [39] Arisa Cox Nominated
Best Cross-Platform Project - Non-Fiction [40] Amy Hampson, C.J. Hervey, Chris Harris, James Milward, Katherine Podgorski, Michala

Duffield, Pietro Gagliano and Ryan Andal


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