Bigger Than Big

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"Bigger Than Big"
Single by Super Mal featuring Luciana
from the album Featuring Luciana
Released 9 July 2007 (UK)
Genre House music Electrohop
Super Mal chronology
"Bigger Than Big"
Luciana chronology
"Yeah Yeah"
"Bigger Than Big"
What Planet You On?

"Bigger Than Big" is a song by Super Mal, with the vocals performed by Luciana. Released through Bandito Records, the song achieved critical and commercial success in the dance industry, but only reached #19 on the UK Top 40 — not performing as well as the previous song that Luciana provided vocals for, "Yeah Yeah".

Music video[edit]

Luciana is walking down a street on the United States-Mexico border. As she sings the lines "Ride it cowgirl, buffalo style" a girl in a cowgirl outfit can be seen standing up in a Ford Mustang convertible attempting to dance. Luciana then walks along the street, to which she enters a public toilet, walking past a girl putting on make-up. She then sits down on the toilet, singing the final lines. Finally, the song lyrics are superimposed on-screen, sprayed in pink lettering, in a typeface slightly similar to Brush Script MT. The word that is superimposed is "fabulous" in lower case pink letters. Eventually a graffiti stylised version of Luciana's head is sprayed onto the wall at the end of the video.