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Directed by Susant Misra
Produced by National Film Development Corporation of India
Written by Susant Misra
Starring Sanjeev Samal
Nandita Das
Christina Ranck
Carman Cordwell
Music by Vikash Das
Cinematography Jugal Debata
Distributed by National Film Development Corporation of India
Release dates
Running time
148 minutes
Country India
Language Oriya

Biswaprakash (aka The Young Rebel) (Oriya: ବିଶ୍ବପ୍ରକାଶ) is a 1999 India Oriya film directed by Susant Misra. This multi-layered plot with complex characters has been young and acclaimed filmmaker Susant Mishra’s favourite format on celluloid like his earlier acclaimed film Indradhanura Chhai that claimed the Grand Prix prize at the Sochi International Film Festival in Russia and was screened at the coveted Cannes Film Festival. Biswaprakash, besides claiming a berth in the Indian Panorama in the last IFFI has also been screened in Cairo, Singapore and Sanghai international film festivals. The film has further fetched the National Film Award as the best film in regional category.


Biswaprakash, a young man in his early twenties is a rebel revolting constantly against the obscure traditional oriental lifestyle of his family rooted deeply in the medieval socio-religious mores. A misfit for the consumerist culture of a society where the value system is changing at a faster pace, he is alienated from his family and friends. While so many questions relating to society, sex and morality intrigue him, Anjali, an independent, liberated and down-to-earth young woman enters his life. She strives to convert their mansion-like house into a holiday home besides looking after her paralysed mother, all alone. The friendship between Biswa and Anjali flourish amidst severe twists and turns till a policeman intervenes and breaks up the relationship.

A disheartened Biswa turns to religious rituals in despair with the belief to redeem himself of the misery. And then, one day, another woman enters his life this time June, a young lady traveller from abroad. Biswa befriends June and in her, he finds a new hope of escaping the claustrophobia. But a time comes when June deserts him for a new destination leaving Biswa utterly lonely and trapped in a situation of no return.


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Jugal Debata has arranged music for this film

Shooting location[edit]

This movie was shot in Puri, in the state of Orissa, India. That city is also famous for Lord Jagannath Temple. The production team found a very famous old palatial building, in the heart of the city, which was a perfect match with the story line. The owner of that building is the famous Kaviraj Purna Chandra Rath.



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