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Black Lotus
Institutionally owned [1]
Industry Information security [2]
Founded 1999[3]
Founder Jeffrey Lyon[3]
Key people
Arman Khalili (CEO) [4]
Products DDoS protection [1]
  • Increase US$ 3.9 million (2013) [5]
  • Increase US$ 2.1 million (2012) [5]

Black Lotus is a provider of DDoS protection services with headquarters in San Francisco and operations in Los Angeles, California.[1] In June 2014, the company commenced global operations by launching DDoS mitigation facilities in Amsterdam and Ashburn, Virginia.[6] It's major competitors include Prolexic and Verisign.[7]


Jeffrey Lyon launched the company in 1999.[3] In 2013, Black Lotus was acquired by Industry Capital Advisors, LLC.[8] The company has raised a total of $9.5 million since the acquisition.[9]


Black Lotus provides DDoS mitigation services through a network built on Juniper brand hardware,[10] proprietary DDoS detection and mitigation solutions as well as hardware appliances from multiple security solutions providers.


In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting the controversial Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket the funerals of shooting victims, blaming the tragedy on same-sex marriage legislation. In response, Hacktivist group Anonymous asked Black Lotus to stop providing DDoS protection services to the organization.[11] The company responded by donating all revenue received from the church to charity and is currently a major donor to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth.[12]


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