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This article is about the original club from Prague. For the other Prague club associated with Střížkov, see FK Bohemians Prague (Střížkov). For the Dublin club with a similar name, see Bohemian F.C.. For Philippine club, see Bohemian Sporting Club. For other uses, see Bohemian (disambiguation).
Bohemians 1905
Club logo
Full name Bohemians 1905
Nickname(s) Klokani (Kangaroos)
Founded 1905
2005 (re-founded)
Ground Ďolíček, Prague
Ground Capacity 5,000 (all seated)
Chairman Antonín Panenka
Manager Roman Pivarník
League Czech First League
2013–14 14th
Website Club home page

Bohemians 1905 (previously named FC Bohemians Praha) is a Prague-based football club, which was originally founded in 1905 as AFK Vršovice. The club won the 1982–83 Czechoslovak First League, its solitary league championship. Its colours are green and white.

The best known player from Bohemians' history is Antonín Panenka. Bohemians' mascot is a kangaroo, the legacy of a 1927 tour of Australia. Following the tour, the club was awarded two live kangaroos, which they donated to the Prague Zoo.


Founded as AFK Vršovice, the club played at the top level of football in the Czechoslovak First League between 1925 and 1935. They spent seasons in and out of the top division for the next 40 years before remaining in the top flight between 1973 and 1995, the most successful era for the club.[1] In the 1982–83 season the club won the Czechoslovak First League and advanced to the semifinals of the UEFA Cup. In the year 2005 it survived a crisis, which was a consequence of bad management. The club was prevented from taking part in the second part of the 2004–05 Czech 2. Liga and its results were expunged.[2] The club was relegated to the 3rd Czech division due to its financial insolvency, but later was saved by its fans who paid off portion of the club's debts. The club finished third in the 2005–06 Bohemian Football League, missing out on promotion,[3] but advanced to the Second League regardless, as they bought a license to play in the Second League from SC Xaverov.[3][4] The club was then able to advance back to the top flight in 2007, where they played until relegation in 2012. After only one season in 2. Liga Bohemians returned to the First League in 2013.

Naming History[edit]

  • 1905 AFK Vršovice
  • 1927 Bohemians AFK Vršovice
  • 1941 Bohemia AFK Vršovice
  • 1945 Bohemians AFK Vršovice
  • 1948 Sokol Vršovice Bohemians
  • 1949 Sokol Železničaři Bohemians Praha
  • 1950 Sokol Železničaři Praha
  • 1951 Sokol ČKD Stalingrad Praha
  • 1953 Spartak Praha Stalingrad
  • 1962 ČKD Praha
  • 1965 Bohemians ČKD Praha
  • 1993 Bohemians Praha
  • 1999 CU Bohemians Praha
  • 2001 Bohemians Praha
  • 2005 Bohemians 1905

Naming dispute with FK Bohemians[edit]

In 1993, Bohemians 1905 broke away from the TJ Bohemians Praha sports franchise and became a separate legal entity. The club functioned normally until financial troubles came up and the club nearly collapsed in 2005. TJ Bohemians took advantage of the situation and rented out the Bohemians logo to FC Střížkov Praha 9, a lowly team in the third tier of Czech football. TJ were able to pour money into the small club and help them rise to the first division. However, fans remained loyal to the Bohemians 1905 team, and helped the large club to recover.

In September 2012 a Czech court ruled that the former Střížkov club must not continue to use the name Bohemians after 31 January 2013.[5] However in December 2012, the club was granted the right to appeal against the decision, thus protracting the process yet further.[6]


Main article: Ďolíček

The home stadium, located in Vršovice, is called Ďolíček. However, from the 2010–11 season, for a period of five years, Bohemians undertook to play its home matches at Synot Tip Arena.[7] This arrangement was discontinued in 2012 after the club was relegated from the Czech First League, due to the regulations on stadiums being different between the two leagues.

Supporters and Rivalries[edit]

Bohemians are one of the most popular clubs in the Czech republic. The fans are one of the few clubs in the country to have fans with a left-wing ideology, although most fan groups identify themselves as apolitical. The ultras group is one of the strongest in terms of choreographies and visual displays in the country. They maintain friendly contacts with Dubliners Bohemian F.C.,[8] in the past they had friendships with FC St Pauli and Górnik Wałbrzych.

The most prestigious match is the derby with Slavia Prague. The "Vršovice Derby" is the second most prestigious derby in Prague (after the Slavia-Sparta derby). Slavia and Bohemians are located in the Vršovice district of Prague and their stadiums are separated by only 1 km. Sparta Prague are considered their biggest rivals, and Viktoria Zizkov is the other team with whom they contest the city derbies. FK Bohemians Prague (Střížkov) are considered to be impostors and the entire club as a fraud, however that rivalry manifests itself on the pitch and towards the club management as the Střížkov club has very little support and no organised fan movement.


Current squad[edit]

As of 27 February, 2015.[9]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Czech Republic GK Petr Dočekal
2 Czech Republic DF Radek Žaloudek
3 Slovakia DF Lukáš Pauschek
4 Czech Republic MF Josef Jindřišek
5 Czech Republic DF David Bartek
6 Czech Republic MF Michal Hubínek
7 Czech Republic MF Marek Jarolím
8 Czech Republic DF Václav Kalina
9 Slovakia FW Ivan Lietava (on loan from Sigma Olomouc)
10 Slovakia FW Matúš Mikuš
11 Czech Republic DF Radek Šírl
12 Slovenia FW Elvis Bratanović (on loan from Teplice)
13 Serbia DF Zoran Gajič
14 Czech Republic DF Michal Šmíd
No. Position Player
15 Czech Republic DF Daniel Krch
16 Czech Republic MF Jan Moravec
17 Czech Republic MF Vojtěch Engelmann (on loan from Dukla Prague)
18 Colombia MF Jhon Mosquera (on loan from Hércules)
20 Czech Republic MF Jakub Rada
21 Ukraine FW Roman Artemuk
23 Czech Republic MF Pavol Cicman
24 Czech Republic MF Milan Havel
26 Czech Republic GK Milan Švenger
27 Slovakia DF Martin Cseh
28 Czech Republic DF Aleš Škerle
30 Czech Republic GK Zdeněk Zlámal

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Czech Republic DF Jiří Ptáček (at Loko Vltavín)

Notable former players[edit]

For all players with a Wikipedia article, see Category:Bohemians 1905 players


Bohemians 1905's reserve team, Bohemians 1905 B, play in Divize A which is in the Czech Fourth Division. They play their home matches at the club's stadium, Ďolíček.


History in European competitions[edit]

Bohemians participated in the 1982–83 UEFA Cup, reaching the semi-finals before losing to eventual champions, R.S.C. Anderlecht.



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