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The Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) (Spanish for Official Bulletin of the State) is the official gazette of the Government of Spain. It is published every day except Sunday. The editing, printing, publication and dissemination of the BOE is entrusted, under functional decentralization, by the State Agency Official Gazette within the Ministry of the Presidency.

The Boletín publishes the laws of the Cortes Generales, the nation's legislature that consists of the Senate and the Congress of Deputies) and the dispositions of the Autonomous Communities. The Spanish Constitution of 1978 provides in Article 9.3 that "The Constitution guarantees ... the publicity of laws." Also, judicial rulings, royal decrees, and decrees of the Council of Ministers are published in it.

According to Royal Decree 181/2008[1] of February 8, the BOE is the official journal of the Spanish state and will provide the means of publication of laws, regulations and acts of inclusion mandatory.

It also contains the laws passed by Parliament, the provisions adopted by the Government of Spain and the general provisions of the Autonomous Communities.

From 1600 to 1900 was called the Gaceta de Madrid.

Headquarters of the B.O.E. (Madrid) 01


During the seventeenth century the printing press led to the birth of numerous bulletins or newsletters in virtually all of Europe. These publications would emerge from the hands of private and strictly informative content.


Section I: General provisions[edit]

  • The organic laws, laws, royal legislative laws and royal decree-laws.
  • The treaties and international conventions.

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