Bombing of Cabra

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Bombing of Cabra
Part of the Spanish Civil War
Date November 7, 1938
Location Cabra, Cordoba, Spain
Result 107 civilians killed
 Spanish Republic  Nationalist Spain
3 SB-2 bombers
Casualties and losses
None 107 civilians killed
200+ civilians injured

The Bombing of Cabra was a Republican air attack which took place in Cabra, Córdoba, Andalusia on 7 November 1938, during the Spanish Civil War. The air raid left 107 people killed, and more than 200 wounded.


Throughout 1938, the Spanish Republican Air Force (Fuerza Aerea de la República Española) or FARE carried out air bombings against the Nationalists held cities (among them Seville and Valladolid)[1] in retaliation for the bombing of the republican held cities (among them Barcelona, Alicante and Granollers).

The bombing[edit]

On 7 November of 1938, three bombers Tupolev SB of the FARE, bombed the town of Cabra, in the province of Cordoba. One of the bombs (200 kilograms) fell in the city market, killing dozens of civilians.[2] The aircraft dropped six tons of bombs. Most of the bombs fell in the city market and the working class districts. There were between 101[2] and 107 civilians dead and 200 wounded.[3]


The bombing of Cabra was the deadliest bombing carried out by the Republican air force during the war.


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