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Brenda Daniela Asnicar Mendoza (born October 17, 1991) known professionally as Brenda Asnicar is an Argentine actress, dancer and singer. She's mostly known for her role in the hugely successful telenovela Patito Feo as Antonella Lamas Bernardi. In 2013, she starred as Juana Carbajal, one of the protagonists in the Colombian series Cumbia Ninja, filmed in Bogotá for Fox.

Early life[edit]

Brenda Daniela Asnicar Mendoza was born on 17 October 1991 en San Isidro,Buenos Aires,Argentina, To Argentine parents Gustavo Asnicar y Adriana Mendoza. She is of Italian and Austro-Hungarian descent, She has one brother Ivan and her religion is Roman Catholicism. Brenda studied during her childhood at the Italian Cultural Centre Villa Adelina, where she learned to speak fluent Italian.


Brenda Asnicar made her debut in show business at age 11, when she was chosen from among thousands of applicants to participate in Cantaniño (aired on Telefe). Initially selected as part of the choir, she ended her participation as a co-presenter of the program.

In 2002, she worked with Jimena Cyrulnik on an entertainment program. In 2003 she appeared on Chicos Argentinos on Buenos Aires channel 7, and at that time made her first CD recording - "Caminos", as part of the group from that show. In 2006 she appeared on "Tour Caminos 2006", with the Chicos Argentinos.[1]

In 2003, Asnicar also began working as a model. She continued with such houses as Jactan and Marcela, until 2007, when she was cast as the villainess "Antonella Lamas Bernardi" in Patito Feo ("Ugly Duckling"), a youth-oriented TV comedy series.

In 2007, Asnicar was named to the Clarín Entertainment Awards 2007 for "Best Female Breakout star". In 2008 she participated in "Patinando por un sueño".

Following the success of Patito Feo, its cast, including the star, Laura Esquivel, toured several South American countries in 2009.

In 2009, Brenda played the role of Mia in "Mia, mi amiga invisible", when she recorded two songs: "Himno al amor" and "Nada cuesta sonar".

In February 2010, Asnicar and Nicolas Zuviria made a show to advertise the album Zuviria, entitled Ellas. On 22 June 2010 Asnicar returned to play the role of Antonella for a play concerning the world of Patito Feo. In 2010 she traveled to Italy to appear on the TV program Who Framed Peter Pan?, produced by Paul Bonolis.

Then she played the role of Nuria in Suena conmigo, when Brenda recorded three songs: "Hablan de mi", "Siempre te esperare" and "Hagas lo que hagas".

In April 2011, she toured Italy with Antonella in Concert, playing as her Patito Feo character.

In 2011-2012, she recorded a TV series, Los unicòs, when she interpreted Keira.

During 2012-2013, Brenda appeared in the hit soap opera, Corazón Valiente, in the role of Fabiola.

In 2013, she starred in the movie Cumbia Ninja with Ricardo Abarca como Juana.

Musical career[edit]

Asnicar began her career as a member of the choir Cantaniños, on a Telefe show. As part of that group she made her first recording, "Caminos", in 2006. In 2007 she appeared on Patito Feo, which included singing. During that time she released the successful single "Las Divinas".

In 2009, Asnicar performed two promotional cuts for the TV series, "Mía, mi amiga invisibe". In 2010 she appeared with "Sueña Conmigo". In 2011 she began recording and producing solo records. The first single released was "Tus Juegos", in November 2011. In November she also released her cover of an Amy Winehouse song, "You Know I'm No Good", to honor the deceased British songstress.[2][3][4]

In 2012, Brenda joined the second season of the TV series Los Unicos in Argentina as long as she changed her outlook style, drawing her hair extensions in pink colour. Also, in April 2012 she prepare her first solo album as she wrote all her songs by herself at her studio home.This period she collaborated with the company perfumes Clider, and in the summer she will sign for an accessories -clothes shop called "Elisa De Jenario".

Musical shows and tours[edit]

In 2006, the Chicos Argentinos presented the comedic show "Tour Caminos 2006".[1] In 2007-2008, she appeared in Patito Feo: La Historia Más Linda En El Teatro, which presented the most popular songs from the TV program. In 2011 she presented several shows in Italy based on her Antonella character. In late 2011 she appeared in a fashion week show singing a cover from Amy Winehouse's hit song I'm Not Good. Moreover the song is going to be included in Brenda's solo album. She has a relationship with Gijs Groeneveld.

TV and film[edit]

TV programs
Year Title Role Notes
2001-2003. Cantaniño as herself co-presenter
2003–2006 Chicos Argentinos as herself presenter
2007–2008 Patito Feo Antonella Lamas Bernardi Principal Antagonista
2009 Mia,mi amiga invisible Mia Protagonista
2010–2011 Sueña Conmigo Nuria Gómez Principal Character
2011–2012 Los Únicos Keira Beltrán character.
2012-2013 Corazón Valiente Fabiola Ferrara co-Protagonista
2013-2014 Cumbia Ninja Juana Carabajal Protagonista


  • "Ser Una Estrella"
  • "No detengas tu camino"
  • "Llenos de Sol"
  • "Cosas de Chi
Patito Feo

Patito Feo en el teatro

2010 -2013
  • "Las Divinas"
  • "Quiero, Quiero"
  • "Amigos del Corazón"
  • "Tango Llorón"
  • "Porque A Mi?"
2008 Patito Feo: La Vida Es Una Fiesta

Patito Feo: Fan Edition

  • "Nene Bailemos"
  • "Diosa Única"
  • "Respeto"
  • "Somos Las Divinas"
  • "Un Beso Para Mi"
2010 Sueña conmigo: La canción de tu vida
  • "Hablan de Mi"
  • "Siempre Te Esperare"


Year Song Singer CD
2007 Las Divinas Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo
2007 Tango llorón Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo
2008 Nene bailemos Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo
2008 Diosa única Brenda Asnicar Patito feo
2009 Himno al amor Brenda Asnicar Mia, mi amiga invisible (uncredited)
2010 Hablan de mí Brenda Asnicar Sueña conmigo
2010 Siempre te esperarè Brenda Asnicar Suena conmigo
2011 Hagas lo que hagas Brenda Asnicar Sueña conmigo 2
2011 Tus Juegos Brenda Asnicar TBA
2011 If ain't got you Brenda Asnicar (cover Alicia Keys)
2012 Call Tyrone Brenda Asnicar (cover Erykah Badu)
2012 You know I'm not good Brenda Asnicar (cover Amy Winehouse)
2013 Salten como yo Brenda Asnicar TBA
2013 Ojos En La Espalda Brenda Asnicar feat. Ricardo Abarca Cumbia Ninja
2013 Ceviche Brenda Asnicar feat. Ricardo Abarca Cumbia Ninja
2013 El Heroscopo Dice Brenda Asnicar feat. Ricardo Abarca Cumbia Ninja


Year Title Role Program Country
2006 Tour Caminos 2006 Brenda Chicos Argentinos Argentina
2007 Patito Feo: La Historia Más Linda En El Teatro Antonella Lamas Bernardi Patito Feo Latin America
2008 Patito Feo: El Show Más Lindo Antonella Lamas Bernardi Patito Feo Latin America
2011 Antonella, Divina en concierto Antonella Lamas Bernardi Patito Feo Italy

Personal life[edit]

Asnicar entered a relation with Argentine actor Andrés Gil, who had worked with her in Patito Feo.[5] In 2010 she entered a relation with Argentine-born Juventus F.C. football player Carlos Tévez.


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