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Brunswick Land in Lower Saxony

Brunswick Land (German: Braunschweiger Land) is a region in the southeast of the German state of Lower Saxony


The area stretches from the Harz foothills down to the Burgdorf-Peine Geest in the north. Its core territory comprised the historic Duchy of Brunswick and its successor, the Free State of Brunswick (except for the district of Holzminden, as well as Calvörde, and Blankenburg, which today are part of Saxony-Anhalt).

Today Brunswick Land roughly corresponds to the central parts of the former Lower Saxon Regierungsbezirk Brunswick, including:

Regional association[edit]

The Brunswick Country Socieity (Verein Braunschweigische Landschaft) has set itself the aim of promoting the identity of Brunswick Land and ties between the populations and their history after the foundation of the state of Lower Saxony. It uses a silhouette of the Saxon steed as its emblem.

Legends and traditions[edit]

The legends about Till Eulenspiegel, a typical figure from the region (from Kneitlingen), are rich in tradition.

Towns and cities in Brunswick Land[edit]

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