Bulger Geyser

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Bulger Geyser
Bulger Geyser cone UGB YNP1.jpg
Bulger Geyser's cone in 2010
Location Yellowstone National Park, Teton County, Wyoming, USA
Coordinates 44°27′58″N 110°50′13″W / 44.4660227°N 110.8369073°W / 44.4660227; -110.8369073Coordinates: 44°27′58″N 110°50′13″W / 44.4660227°N 110.8369073°W / 44.4660227; -110.8369073[1]
Elevation 7,333 feet (2,235 m)
Type Fountain geyser
Eruption height 1-12 Feet
Frequency Frequent
Duration Seconds to Minutes
Temperature 198 °F (92 °C)

Bulger Geyser is located in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Bulger Geyser is 200 feet (61 m) south of Grand Geyser.[2] It erupts frequently, with both major and minor eruptions. As with most geysers, the minor eruptions are the most common. They have a duration of seconds. Major eruptions are infrequent, but they have durations as long as 12 minutes. Either way, the play consists of somewhat vigorous bursting 1-12 feet high.

Bulger Geyser during an eruption in 1964

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