California elections, 1992

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California's state elections were held November 3, 1992. Necessary primary elections were held on March 3. Up for election were all the seats of the State Assembly, 20 seats of the State Senate, and fifteen ballot measures.[1]

California State Legislature elections[edit]

State Senate[edit]

For individual races see California State Senate elections, 1992.

There are 40 seats in the State Senate. For this election, candidates running in odd-numbered districts ran for four-year terms.

California State Senate - 1992 Seats
  Democratic-Held 25
  Republican-Held 14
  Independent-Held 1
1992 Elections
  Democratic Held and Uncontested 15
  Contested 20
  Republican Held and Uncontested 5

State Assembly[edit]

For individual races see California State Assembly elections, 1992.

All 80 biennially elected seats of the State Assembly were up for election this year. Each seat has a two-year term. The Democrats retained control of the State Assembly.

California State Assembly - 1992 Seats
  Democratic-Held 48
  Republican-Held 32
1992 Elections
  Democratic Incumbent and Uncontested 34
  Republican Incumbent and Uncontested 17
  Contested, Open Seats 29

Statewide ballot propositions[edit]

Fifteen ballot propositions qualified to be listed on the general election ballot in California. Only five measures passed while ten failed.

Proposition 155[edit]

(1992 School Facilities Bond Act.) Proposition 155 passed with 51.8% of the vote.

Proposition 156[edit]

(Passenger Rail and Clean Air Bond Act of 1992.) Proposition 156 failed with 48.11% of the vote.

Proposition 157[edit]

(Toll Roads and Highways.) Proposition 157 failed with 28.16% of the vote.

Proposition 158[edit]

(Office of California Analyst.) Proposition 158 failed with 39.87% of the vote.

Proposition 159[edit]

(Office of the Auditor General.) Proposition 159 failed with 41.04% of the vote.

Proposition 160[edit]

(Property Tax Exemption.) Proposition 160 passed with 51.59% of the vote.

Proposition 161[edit]

(Physician-Assisted Death. Terminal Condition.) Proposition 161 failed with 45.87% of the vote.

Proposition 162[edit]

(Public Employees' Retirement Systems.) Proposition 162 passed with 51% of the vote.

Proposition 163[edit]

(Ends Taxation of Certain Food Products.) Proposition 163 passed with 66.62% of the vote.

Proposition 164[edit]

(Congressional Term Limits.) Proposition 164 passed with 63.57% of the vote.

Proposition 165[edit]

(Budget Process. Welfare. Procedural and Substantive Changes.) Proposition 165 failed with 46.61% of the vote.

Proposition 166[edit]

(Basic Health Care Coverage.) Proposition 166 failed with 30.81% of the vote.

Proposition 167[edit]

(State Taxes.) Proposition 167 failed with 41.16% of the vote.

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