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The Central Bloc of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia operates strategically in the Andes Mountains around the middle of Colombia. The group is seen as the largest threat to Bogotá and its economy, as it operates in areas surrounding the capital. However, strong military action has forced the bloc to hide in remote parts of the mountains, away from many highways and cities. In an indictment in April 2006, the Minister of Defense announced over $5.5 million in rewards for the Central Bloc's highest ranking figures.

The specific divisions of the group are arguable. Because of the current conflict existing in the country, much of the information recovered is conflicting and cannot be taken as absolutely reliable. Some of the believed divisions or 'fronts', as they are commonly called, are shown below. Many of these fronts sometimes work together towards a certain mission, while others are further divided into 'columns' and 'companies' with a smaller number of members. For more general information see FARC-EP Chain of Command.


Alias Name Note


Marlon Bloc commander.[1]
Jerónimo Raúl Duarte
Jerónimo Galeano Arquímedes Muñoz Villamil Killed in March 20, 2011 [2]
Alfonso Cano Guillermo León Saenz Vargas Traditional ideological figure and commander in chief. Killed in action.
"Simón Bernate" Leonardo Chaux Hernández One of the trusted men of alias "Jerome Galeano" and alias "Alfonso Cano". He was 3rd leader of the "Miller Salcedo" company, and in the last four years he was the political head of the Central Bloc. Captured in April 2011.[3][4]
"El Abuelo" Alirio Rojas Bocanegra Killed in June 2, 2011.[5] He was security chief for alias "Alfonso Cano". In the same operation by the Colombian Army also was killed alias "Laura", a woman radio operator for alias "El Abuelo".

16th Front[edit]

The 16th Front was responsible for the personal security of Alfonso Cano until he left the front in September 2011 and, together with a small group of 15 guerrillas, started moving south through Huila and finally Cauca. It has around 300 members as of 2011.[6]

Alias Name Note
Alfonso Cano Guillermo León Saenz Killed on November 4, 2011

17th Front[edit]

Also known as the Angelino Godoy Front, it is composed by around 150 militants as of 2011.[7] It operates mostly in the Huila Department. The leader of this front is, as of 2011, José Orlando Orlando Ortiz, alias ‘Héctor Comidita’[8] Two members of the front died and 5 others surrenders after clashes with the Colombian army, on August 1, 2012.[9]

Alias Name Note
Héctor Comidita José Orlando Orlando Ortiz[8]
"Geovany", "Gringo" Captured in 2005.
"Rigo", "Paisa" Rigoberto Zuluaga Moncada Killed in May 2010.
"Jeimmy" Diana Cortés Killed in May 2010.
"Robinson" Angelino Godoy Killed in October 2011.[10]

21st Front[edit]

Also known as La Gaitana Front, it is composed by up to 120 militants. It operates mostly in the Tolima Department and the Quindío Department.

Alias Name Note
Didier Luis Fernando Mendez considered to be 'the mastermind of extortion' in the Tolima region. Killed in January 2011[11][12]
El Tío Front commander[13]
Giovanni Second or third in command[13]
Jennifer Killed in January 2011
Riano Killed in January 2011
Robinson Alleged explosive expert. Captured in January 2011
Marlon Eduardo Rayo
Pedronel Abel Tavera
Maria Rubiela Rubio Gualtero Captured in March 2011 [14]
Miro Argemiro Cuellar Mendoz Captured in March 2011 [14]
Carlos Pulgas Third in command, killed in October 2011[15]

25th Front[edit]

Also known as the Armando Ríos Front, it is composed by up to 120 militants. It operates mostly in the Tolima Department.[16] It is responsible for several attacks against security forces in 2011 in the Huila and Caqueta departments.[17][18] In July 2011, 9 members of the front were arrested and 2 others killed by security forces.[19] Six other members were captured on October 12.[18]

Alias Name Note
Camilo Front leader. Killed on March 2012.[20]
"Bertil" Enelio Ganoa KIA in 2008.
"Tito" Víctor Muñoz
"Arcadia" Albeiro Garcia Main leader, captured in July 2011.
"Gonzalo" Antonio Jimenez Alleged chief financial officer, captured in July 2011.

50th Front[edit]

Also known as Cacique Calarca Front, it is composed by up to 80 militants. It operates mostly in the Quindío Department and the Risaralda Department. The front is announced to have been dismantled by the Colombian Army.[21]

Alias Name Note
Enrique Ciro Gómez Rayo Killed in March 2010.

66th Front[edit]

Also known as the Joselo Lozada Front, it is composed by up to 150 militants. It operates mostly in the Huila Department.

Alias Name Note
Mario Second in command, captured on March 2011.[22]
Davier Part of Mario's security ring, killed on March 2011.[22]
Libardo, El Pollo Killed in September 2007.
El Indio Humberto Killed in March 2007.
Eliecer Killed in April 2010.
Araceli Wounded in combat and captured on July 18, 2010.[23]
Didier, Víctor Captured on July 28, 2010.[24]
Eduardo Captured on July 28, 2010.[24]
Anuar Wounded in combat and captured on July 28, 2010.[24]
Santiago Jaiber López Aldana[25] Killed on October 9, 2010.[26]
Fredy Quina Pinzón Killed on October 9, 2010.[25]
Vladimir Killed on November 12, 2010.[27]

Columns and Companies[edit]

The following columns and companies also form part of the Central Bloc:

  • Column 'Alfredo Gonzalez'. Operates in the southern part of the Tolima department. It is led by alias 'Teófilo'. In June 2011 the column killed a Colombian soldier while losing its 4:th in command 'Arnulfo' in combat.[28]
  • Column Daniel Aldana: This column is widely known in the Tolima Department, where most of its operations take place. Its financial director, known as "El Indio" was captured in 2005. In recent and unconfirmed developments in 2006, its last known leader Gustavo González López, alias "Rambo", was killed by government troops. In April 2013, 13 members of the column were arrested[29]
  • Column Héroes de Marquetalia: This column also operates in the Tolima Department and was led by a female, Magaly Grannobles, alias "Marleny Rondón" and "Mayerly", killed on July 11, 2010 in Operation Berlín.[30][31]
  • Column Jacobo Prías Alape: This column also operates in the Tolima Department and is led by two people known as "Calderón" or "Chicharrón" and "Tribilín".
  • Company Tulio Varón (Dismantled): Also known as the Front Tulio Varón, it operates in the Tolima Department. Its most recent leader, Eduardo Fajardo, alias "Walter", was killed in March 2007.[32] Its preceding leader, Roberto Olaya Caicedo, alias "El Venado", was killed in late 2006. It has since been dismantled and fused with the Column Jacobo Prías Alape.[33]


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