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The Western Bloc of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is believed the smallest of the blocs in size, but not in military capability. It is routinely held responsible for attacks that occur in Cali and its surroundings. The specific divisions of the group are arguable. Because of the current conflict existing in the country, much of the information recovered is conflicting. Some of the believed divisions or 'fronts', as they are commonly called, are shown below. Many of these fronts sometimes work together towards a certain mission, while others are further divided into 'columns' and 'companies' with a smaller number of members. For more general information see FARC-EP Chain of Command.


Alias Name Note
Marco Aurelio Buendía Luis Alfonso Guevara Álvarez Killed in 2003.[1]
Pablo Catatumbo Jorge Torres Victoria [2]
Gustavo López Gómez, "Pacho Chino" Miller Munar Munar [3]

6th Front[edit]

Also known as the Hernando González Acosta Front, it is composed of 400 to 500 people as of 2011.[4] It operates mostly in the Cauca Department and the Valle del Cauca Department. Its leader is considered, along with Tirofijo, one of the founders of FARC.

Alias Name Note
Sargento Pascuas, "Humberto" Miguel Ángel Pascuas [5] One of the founders of the guerrilla in 1964, Front commander.
Rubén Operational commander[6]
El Zorro Oscar Ivan Gugu One of the 'leaders' of FARC's 6th Front. Captured in January 2012.[7]

On September 19, 2008, heavy fighting occurred between the Colombian army and the FARC's sixth front during an attack on Toribío, Cauca Department. On April 27, 2013, 17 members of the front are captured while they attempted to steal an helicopter from the Colombian armed forces.[8]

  • The Mobile Column Alonso Cortés, composed by up to 50 men, also operates in this area.

Mobile Column Alonso Cortés[edit]

Alias Name Note
El Mocho Ricardo Morales Second in charge of the Mobile Column Alonso Cortés. Arrested in February 2011 [9][10]
"El Paisa" or "William" Carlos Mario Cardona León Captured in April 2011.[11]

8th Front[edit]

It is composed by up to 80 men and operates mostly in the Cauca Department and along the pacific coast. Its current leadership is unclear.

Alias Name Note
Ramírez N/A Killed in 2006, apparently by ELN.[12]
Yesid Arlex Porras Gómez Captured in 2006.[13]
"El Rojo" Captured in 2003.[14]

29th Front[edit]

It is composed by up to 250 men and operates mostly in the Nariño Department. It includes the mobile column Daniel Aldana which operate in the Tumaco department. In late April 2013, 13 alleged members of the column are captured, and one other is killed.[15]

Alias Name Note
Aldemar, Jhon Jairo [16]
Anuar Orlando Cardozo Captured in 2005.[17]
Camilo, Ricardo Jairo Cuarán Collazos Abandoned FARC in 2003 and found exile in Chile.[18]

30th Front[edit]

Also known as the José Antonio Páez Front, it is composed of up to 300 people. It operates mostly in the Cauca Department and the Valle del Cauca Department. The front leads drug trafficking activities in the areas near the Yurumangui river and is responsible for multiple attacks against civilians on Colombia's Pacific coast.[19][unbalanced opinion] On March 2011, 10 guerillas were killed by the army, and 5 others captured. On October 2, 2011, 3 guerillas were killed and 2 captured.[20] On February 11, the 30th front attack an army base, killing 3 and injuring 18 member of the Colombian army.[21]

Alias Name Note
Mincho Jorge Neftali Umenza Velasco, or Herminsul de Jesús Velasco 1st commander.[22] Killed in a bombardment in October 20, 2011 [23][24]
Jefferson Jaime Renteria Mosquera Commander of a special unit of the 30th Front. Demobilized in December 2011 with 9 others guerrillas of the 30th Front[25]
Freddy Luis Eduardo Prada González [26]

Mobile column Miller Perdomo forms a part of this front.[27]

60th Front[edit]

It is composed of up to 60 men and operates mostly in the Cauca Department.

Alias Name Note
"El Grillo" Gilberto Arroyabe [28]
"Arturo" N/A Killed in 2006.[29]

Mobile Column Jacobo Arenas[edit]

It is composed by up to 300 men and operates mostly in the Cauca Department. The column is suspected to be responsible for an attack which killed six soldiers on February 9, 2009.[30]

Alias Name Note
Caliche, Floresmiro Acosta Carlos Patiño [31]
'Eladio' Killed in 2009 [32]
Kinkón Carlos Duval Ilipio Dizú Captured in 2006.[33]

Mobile Column Arturo Ruiz[edit]

It is one of the FARC's elite units, among its most notorious operations is the kidnapping of the Valle del Cauca deputies on April 11, 2002.[34][35]

Alias Name Note
Arley Yurgen Villamizar [36] Captured in 2010 [37]

Mobile Column Gabriel Galvis[edit]

Operates in Valle del Cauca. Has 110 fighters or more as of 2011.[38]

Mobile Column Víctor Saavedra[edit]

Operates in Valle del Cauca and especially in the mountains east of Tuluá.[39]

Urban Front Manuel Cepeda Vargas[edit]

It is composed by up to 50 men and is one of the FARC's strongest factions in Cali.

Alias Name Note
El Enano Chief of militias in Cali[40]
Narices Iván Cárdenas Carrillo [41] Killed in 2010 [42]
Santiago Gustavo Arbeláez Cardona Arrested in 2008.[43]
J.J. Milton Sierra Gómez Killed in 2007.[44]
Farid, Rafael Gabriel Antonio Carvajal Captured in 2005.[45]
"Miller Chacón" or "El Médico" KIA in May 2011.[46][47]

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