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Charles Hamilton
Birth name Charles Eddie-Lee Hamilton, Jr
Born November 10, 1987 (1987-11-10) (age 26)
Cleveland, Ohio, United States[1]
Origin Harlem, New York, United States
Genres Hip hop, outsider music
Occupations Rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer
Years active 2005–present
Labels Interscope (2007–2009)
Associated acts All City Chess Club, Yung Nate, Show TuFli, Corpy, B.o.B,Pharrell, Eminem,

Charles Eddie-Lee Hamilton, Jr. (born November 10, 1987), simply known as Charles Hamilton, is an American hip hop recording artist and record producer from Harlem, New York City, New York. His popularity began to flourish after being featured on the cover of the Freshmen 09' XXL.[2]


Early life and career beginnings[edit]

Raised in Harlem, New York, Charles Hamilton was exposed to music at an early age. "My mother was an entertainment journalist for the Cleveland Call and Post, so she would take me with her to events when I was just a baby." Hamilton stated his mother always made sure he had an instrument around him. His mother put different kinds of instruments in the basement of their Cleveland home, but he naturally gravitated to the keyboard. Hamilton has stated, "At first, I was just playing the rhythm of the songs I would hear... The older I got, the more proficient I got at hearing the notes." For most of his life, Hamilton was self-taught. Picking up the lead and bass guitar in his teenage years, as well as the drums and harmonica. Hamilton has stated that listening to other genres of music, being exposed to different cultures and experiencing life helped mold his musical sound. Utilizing a studio built in the Frederick Douglass Academy, Charles Hamilton has spent countless hours in the studio, developing his craft and his own signature sound. Hamilton stated, "The Lab (FDA's studio) means so much to me, because when I literally didn't have anywhere else to go in the world, I can just go into my beloved alma mater and purge myself creatively." The studio in the Frederick Douglass Academy is where most of Charles Hamilton's music is made. Hamilton has also stated, regarding FDA's studio, that "[I] can do my thing in other studios. It's just something about home that makes my music breathe."[1]

Hamilton met future manager Le'Roy Benros after offering to help with a music event that he was organising.[3] When Benros eventually heard his music he was "blown away" and arranged a meeting at Hamilton's high school in Harlem.[3] Benros set about promoting his first client in any way that he could, burning CDs, putting him on at showcases and securing his first appearance on the influential blog "You Heard That New".[3] He also managed to introduce Hamilton to Theo Sedlmayr, one of the most powerful entertainment lawyers in the music industry.[3]

2008–2009: Interscope Records & This Perfect Life[edit]

In 2008, Hamilton stated that his debut solo digital album, The Pink Lavalamp, is his way of illustrating his ideas for the future of music.[4] The Pink Lavalamp was later released on December 8, 2008 online as a free download.

His song "Brooklyn Girls" was featured on Season 5, Episode 3 "The All Out Fall Out" of the HBO series Entourage. His song "Lacey Duvalle" was an ode to pornographic actress Lacey Duvalle.

Hamilton was to be releasing his first studio album on Interscope, titled This Perfect Life, in 2009. According to Hamilton's blog at the time, the album was to be released digitally on June 23, 2009,[5] and the physical copy in stores on August 25, 2009.[6] The album was supposed to be Hamilton's major label debut and the first album distributed by a major record label for free download on Charles Hamilton's own website. There was also a physical copy of the album that would have to be purchased in stores that included a DVD of animated videos to help the listener get a better feel for the music. After months of speculation, the album was never released as a result of Hamilton getting dropped from Interscope on September 19, 2009 for multiple reasons, including but not limited to his poor performance at a Penn State rap battle and his unapproved crediting of J Dilla.[7] Manager Le'Roy Benros later explained why he felt Hamilton's career stalled by telling HitQuarters:

"I think things happened too fast. I don't think we were well prepared for what was given to us."[3]

The unreleased album was released digitally as a leak on various websites.[8]

2010–present: The Mind of Charles Hamilton[edit]

On March 25, 2010, Charles Hamilton released his mixtape entitled The Binge Vol. 3 – Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape.[9] Although he announced that The Binge Vol. 3 would be his last mixtape, Hamilton, along with fellow rapper B.o.B, released a video trailer on March 29, 2010 to promote the song "Paperboy".[10] In the video, B.o.B hinted that the two may possibly be making a mixtape together. The single "Paperboy" ended up being released on May 21, 2010 and was produced by Woody.[11] Also in March, Hamilton dedicated a song called "Choices (A Wave to Alex)" in honor of a friend who died after getting in the car with a drunk driver."[12] Hamilton released a new single called "Gauchos" on May 4, 2010.[13] On July 3, 2010, Hamilton released six mixtapes entitled Well This Isn't Awkward (Winner Takes All), Autumn Harvest, Gynophobia, Atlantis and A..., 10 Things I Hate About Me and The L Word II (INcomplete).[14]

On September 23, 2011, one day after his discharge from Community Assessment & Treatment Services Rehab (C.A.T.S), Charles Hamilton released two mixtapes, 'Gynophobia 2' & 'C.A.T.S. Can']. Early morning of October 4, 2011, Charles Hamilton publicly released What the Hell Is Wrong with You?! via his Facebook page. This project was written during his rehabilitation and later recorded following his discharge from rehab on September 22, 2011.

On June 18, 2012 On His Twitter Charles Hamiltion announced that he was releasing another independent album entitled Ill Doesn't Meen Classic on July 7, 2012. Hamilton also announced that he was working on a new studio album entitled The Mind of Charles Hamilton to be released sometime in 2013.

On July 5, 2012, Hamilton found himself embroiled in another controversy, this time with an artist by the name of True God.

On July 30, 2012, Charles Hamilton released a mixtape titled Cinematic Hallucinations: The Bully And The Pet which featured rapper SKE and included the Eminem-produced single "I Don't Care".[15]

In March 2013, Charles went to London in an attempt to rediscover himself and is now focusing on his music and other things he is passionate about in life.

Personal life[edit]

He is the cousin of fellow rapper MC Lyte.[16]


J Dilla[edit]

Hamilton caused some controversy when album covers were released and the deceased producer J Dilla, was named as executive producer.[17] A handful of Dilla’s closest associates through hip hop began speaking out against Hamilton's use of the name and its connection to his music. Hamilton later stated he was wishing to financially help J Dilla's mother who had thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, the same illness that took J Dilla's life. J Dilla's name was later removed from the album artwork due to legal reasons.[18]


Charles Hamilton discography
Studio albums 2
Singles 6
Music videos 4
Mixtapes 104

Studio albums[edit]

List of extended plays, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions
This Perfect Life
  • Released: Shelved
  • Label: Interscope
  • Formats: CD, digital download

Independent albums[edit]

Year Title
2008 The Pink Lavalamp
  • Released: 8 December 2008
2009 Normalcy
  • Released: 28 December 2009
2010 T.A.F.I.E.T.U. (The Album For Interscope Executives To Understand)
  • Released: 13 August 2010
The Blue Lavalamp: M/A/T/E (Mirrors Are The Enemy)
  • Released: 16 September 2010
2011 Sober Karaoke
  • Released: 8 July 2011
2012 Ill Doesn't Meen Classic

Released: 7 July 2012

2013 Substance Abuse
  • Released: 18 April 2013 (Recorded in 2008)


  • 2005: From the Desk Of...
  • 2006: The Binge Vol. 1 (Staring at the Lavalamp)
  • 2007: The Truth Is Pink
  • 2008: American Gangsta
  • 2008: American Gangsta 2
  • 2008: Crash Landed
  • 2008: Outside Looking
  • 2008: Death of the Mixtape Rapper
  • 2008: And Then They Played Dilla
  • 2008: Staff Development
  • 2008: It's Charles Hamilton
  • 2008: The L Word
  • 2008: Sonic the Hamilton
  • 2008: Intervention
  • 2009: Well Isn't This Awkward...
  • 2009: My Brain Is Alive
  • 2009: Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare
  • 2009: TakeMeToYourLeader
  • 2009: The Dead Zone
  • 2009: At Most I'm Just...
  • 2009: Dope2Go (The Halo+The Hamilton Project)
  • 2009: Shut Up Already (3 Song Mixtape)
  • 2009: This Perfect 3 Song Mixtape
  • 2009: Normalcy
  • 2010: One.
  • 2010: WICH Craft (Where Is Charles Hamilton)
  • 2010: The Binge Vol. 3 (Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape)
  • 2010: Well This Isn't Awkward (Winner Takes All)
  • 2010: Autumn Harvest
  • 2010: Gynophobia
  • 2010: Atlantis and A... ('08, '09, '10)
  • 2010: 10 Things I Hate About Me
  • 2010: The L Word II (INcomplete)
  • 2010:
  • 2010: Grow Wing Pains
  • 2010: Hamiltonstrumentals
  • 2010: Spelling Bee
  • 2010: Starchaser Radio (CH/H2)
  • 2010: Starchaser Radio 2
  • 2010: (For Your Locker) 3-Song High School/Campus EP
  • 2010: Sonic the Hamilton 2: HD
  • 2010: reIntervention
  • 2010: Snap Crackle Pop
  • 2010: Mic Check (LWord3)
  • 2010: The Hardest Mixtape EVER... Muthafuckas
  • 2010: Back to the Future, Back to the Haze (with Corporate)
  • 20011: Excellence of Execution
  • 2011: Charles Hamilton's Attempts at "Swag"
  • 2011: The Power of Illumination
  • 2011: NHF
  • 2011: The Up
  • 2011: C.A.T.S. Can
  • 2011: What the Hell Is Wrong with You?!
  • 2011: When I Wanna Wonder
  • 2011: Arguments with Briana
  • 2011: Happy 9th Birthday
  • 2011: Beats for the Cause
  • 2011: And Then They Played Dilla 2
  • 2011: LoadItCockItAimItBaby
  • 2011: Speechless in Brooklyn
  • 2011: Apples Album
  • 2012: Tafie2much: One 4 FDA
  • 2012: Andrea Mendez (The Opera Album)
  • 2012: ...After Them Niggas Played Madlib
  • 2012: Waitin On Tasha
  • 2012: Happy Silvalentine's Day
  • 2012: The L Word 4 (She's a Subtitle)
  • 2012: Hov Kitty
  • 2012: Minaj Kitty (Awkward 3: CampusRedCarpet)
  • 2012: Doom Kitty (StH3)
  • 2012: Uncle Jigga's Wardrobe
  • 2012: Herbal Essences Recall Order (She's My HERO)
  • 2012: Astrolove Says Go
  • 2012: Camera Coolant (Egyptian Circus)
  • 2012: Coke Whore Habits
  • 2012: 2012ilton (Music Inspired by Diablo III)
  • 2012: Cinematic Hallucinations Presents: The Bully and the Pet
  • 2012: The Black Owl
  • 2012: August 14th Doom Thousand and Twelve
  • 2012: The L Word V
  • 2012: StH4: Shadow the Hamilton
  • 2012: I Always Die in Brooklyn
  • 2012: ...As a Street Rat
  • 2012: ...As a Mogul
  • 2012: Gadget Goes to High School
  • 2012: Jack and the Box
  • 2012: Marvelstrumentals
  • 2012: MPCH=Gadget and Friends
  • 2012: One 4 SK
  • 2012: Phoenix Thursday
  • 2012: AlchemizedAstro_sScienceProject
  • 2012: Edge's First Mixtape (TCHE)
  • 2012: The Nils Styger Mixtape
  • 2012: Happy 9th Birthday 2_ Cruel Halloween OST
  • 2012: Dragonfly Destiny
  • 2012: Ugly Desdemona
  • 2012: Chinese Laundry
  • 2012: The Come Down
  • 2012: Catholic Illuminati: V2k12
  • 2013: The Album
  • 2013: From The Desktop Of
  • 2013: Staff Development 2 (With Demevolist)
  • 2013: Catholic Illuminati: Papal Infallibility
  • 2013:
  • 2013: And Then They Played Dilla 3: Life Sentence
  • 2013: Happy 9th Birthday! Pt. 3: Nicki Minaj Goes To London
  • 2013: Rhapsody Case Closed
  • 2013: The Mind of Charles Hamilton
  • 2013: The Body of Charles Hamilton
  • 2013: The Heart of Charles Hamilton
  • 2013: The Soul of Charles Hamilton
  • 2013: The End of Charles Hamilton
  • 2013: Tarot Freestyle
  • 2013: Death And The Downs
  • 2013: And Then They Played Dilla IV_ The Nastiest, Freakiest, Ratchetist Tribute You Could Ever Hear
  • 2013: Catholic Illuminati: The 9th Wonder Album
  • 2013: TWA Flight 801: The Clyde Drexler Spell
  • 2013: SkateKey in '87
  • 2013: TWA Flight 801: Steve Smith and the Blazer
  • 2013: Apocalyptic Rebellion
  • 2013: Al Simmon's Wedding Ring
  • 2013: Catholic Illuminati: Infinite Psalms
  • 2013: Getting High Before Graduation
  • 2013: EscapeFromTheDeadZone (Autumn Holocaust/Winter Rush)
  • 2013: StHZERO: The Death of Charles Hamilton
  • 2013: CH's Garage Sale
With 'Demevolist Music Group'[edit]
  • 2008: Ayo! These Niggaz Went Hollywood
  • 2009: First Order of Business Disc 1: Plan
  • 2009: First Order of Business Disc 2: Execute

Promotional singles[edit]

Year Song Chart positions Album
U.S. U.S. R&B U.S. Rap UK UK R&B CAN
2008 "Brooklyn Girls" 97 Outside Looking
2009 "Loser" The Pink Lavalamp
"Babara Walters" This Perfect Life
2010 "Gauchos"
"Paperboy" (feat. B.o.B)
"All Alone"

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Album Director
2008 November 10 Outside Looking Matt Alonzo
Brooklyn Girls
2009 Word? Aight
Loser The Pink Lavalamp


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