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Classic Hits Live
Live album by Foreigner
Released November 16, 1993
Genre Rock
Label Atlantic / WEA

Classic Hits Live is Foreigner's first live album. It was released in 1993, and contains live versions of many of their well-known songs all of which were taken from various concerts between 1978 and 1988.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Double Vision"
  2. "Cold as Ice"
  3. "The Damage is Done"
  4. "Women"
  5. "Dirty White Boy"
  6. "Fool for you Anyway"
  7. "Head Games"
  8. "Not Fade Away"
  9. "Waiting for a Girl Like You"
  10. "Juke Box Hero"
  11. "Urgent"
  12. "Love Maker"
  13. "I Want to Know What Love Is"
  14. "Feels Like the First Time"