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This is a list of Debuggers: computer programs that are used to test and debug other programs.

Name Description Language OS License most recent release
GDB GNU Debugger any compiled to Machine code any GPL 7.7, Feb 2014
IDB Intel Debugger any compiled to Machine code Windows, Linux Proprietary  ?
LLDB LLVM Debugger any compiled to Machine code Mac OS X i386 and x86-64, Linux, FreeBSD BSD-Style  ?
pdb Python debugger Python any Python Software Foundation License 3.2.2, Sept 2011

Many more to be sorted[edit]

List of debugger front-ends[edit]

  • Many Eclipse perspectives, e.g. the Java Development Tools (JDT) [4], provide a debugger front-end.
  • DDD is the standard front-end from the GNU Project. It is a complex tool that works with most common debuggers (GDB, jdb, Python debugger, Perl debugger, Tcl, and others) natively or with some external programs (for PHP).
  • GDB (the GNU debugger) GUI
    • Affinic Debugger GUI — A GDB Frontend on Linux/Windows/OSX/Cygwin.
    • Emacs — Emacs editor with built-in support for the GNU Debugger acts as the frontend.
    • KDbg — Part of the KDE development tools.
    • Nemiver — A GDB frontend that integrates well in the GNOME desktop environment.
    • xxgdb — X-window frontend for GDB and dbx debugger.
    • Qt Creator — multi-platform frontend for GDB, CDB and LLDB ([5]).
    • cgdb — ncurses terminal program that mimics vim key mapping.
    • ccdebug— A graphical GDB frontend using the Qt toolkit.
    • Padb — has a parallel front-end to GDB allowing it to target parallel applications.
    • Allinea's DDT — a parallel and distributed front-end to a modified version of GDB.
    • Xcode — contains a GDB front-end as well.
    • SlickEdit — contains a GDB front-end as well.
    • Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) [6] — includes visual debugging tools based on GDB.
    • CodeLite — An open source, cross platform C/C++ IDE which have front end for gdb, the next version of CodeLite (v6.0) will also include a front end to the LLDB (debugger)