Congenital amputation

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Congenital amputation is a congenital disorder that can be caused by fibrous bands of the amnion that constrict foetal limbs to such an extent that they fall off due to missing blood supply. The child is born without one or more limbs or without parts of limbs (amelia).


Congenital amputations can result from a number of causes. One common cause is amniotic band syndrome, which occurs when the inner fetal membrane (amnion) ruptures without injury to the outer membrane (chorion). Fibrous bands from the ruptured amnion float in the amniotic fluid and can get entangled with the fetus, thus reducing blood supply to the developing limbs to such an extent that the limbs can become strangulated, the tissues die and are absorbed into the amniotic fluid. Amnion ruptures can be caused by:


In rare cases, if diagnosed in utero, fetal surgery may be considered to save a limb which is in danger of amputation.

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The term "congenital amputation" is sometimes used loosely to mean "congenital absence".


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  • Kyle Maynard is an American motivational speaker and athlete. He is a former college award-winning wrestler and amateur mixed martial artist born with congenital amputation of the forearms and lower legs.