The Conquest of the Pole

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The Conquest of the Pole
Conquete du Pole poster.jpg
poster for Conquest of the Pole
Directed by Georges Méliès
Produced by Georges Méliès and Charles Pathé
Written by Original Novel:
Jules Verne
Starring Georges Méliès as Le professeur Mabouloff / ou Maboul and Fernande Albany
Music by Eric Le Guen (DVD Lobster Film 2009)
Cinematography Georges Méliès
Distributed by Pathé Frères
Release date(s) 1912
Running time 18 min./ 30min. 21 sec. (full version)
Country France
Language Silent

The Conquest of the Pole (French: À la conquête du pôle)[1] is a science fantasy film by Georges Méliès based on the novel The Adventures of Captain Hatteras by Jules Verne. It was released in 1912 and deals with an extraordinary race to the north pole by rival parties of balloonists. The film was Georges Melies's last successful film before his studio went bankrupt.

Its most elaborate scene is one featuring a man-eating frost giant that attempts to eat the crew.



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