Cosmonauts Sea

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Cosmonauts Sea as part of the Southern Ocean

Cosmonauts Sea, sometimes misspelled Cosmonaut Sea, is a sea of the Southern Ocean, off Prince Olav Coast and Enderby Land, Antarctica, between about 30°E and 50°E.[1] It has an area of 699,000 km².

To the east of Cosmonauts Sea is Cooperation Sea, to the west is Riiser-Larsen Sea.

The Cosmonaut Sea is close to freezing throughout the year and is mostly covered by ice. [2] Between 1973 and 1986, several Polynyas have occurred in the Cosmonauts Sea, with the totally enclosed Cosmonaut polynya attaining a maximum size on July 25 1980, with an open water area of as much as 137,700 km2. This polynya lasted for several weeks before disappearing on August 16, 1980. [3]

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Coordinates: 65°00′S 45°00′E / 65.000°S 45.000°E / -65.000; 45.000