Cruel, Cruel Love

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Cruel, Cruel Love
CC Cruel Cruel Love 1914.JPG
Theatrical poster to Cruel, Cruel Love (1914)
Directed by George Nichols
Mack Sennett
Produced by Mack Sennett
Written by Craig Hutchinson
Starring Charles Chaplin
Edgar Kennedy
Minta Durfee
Alice Davenport
Glen Cavender
Billy Gilbert
Chester Conklin (uncredited)
Cinematography Frank D. Williams
Distributed by Mutual Film Corporation
Release dates March 26, 1914
Running time 16 min.
Country USA
Language Silent film; English (Original titles)
Cruel, Cruel Love

Cruel, Cruel Love is a 1914 American comedy silent film made at the Keystone Studios and starring Charlie Chaplin.


This early Chaplin film has him playing a character quite different from the Tramp for which he would become famous. He is a rich, upper-class gentleman whose romance is endangered when his girlfriend oversees him being embraced by a maid. Chaplin's romantic interest in this film, Minta Durfee, was the wife of fellow Keystone actor, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.



Cruel, Cruel Love was presumed a lost film for 50 years until a reasonable condition, complete nitrate copy was discovered in South America. Copies were made and its original, two reel format is available for sale.[1]

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