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DX may refer to:

Science and medicine[edit]


  • Design Exchange, a museum devoted to historic, as well as modern and contemporary design in Toronto

Technology and the Internet[edit]

  • DirectX, an application programming interface collection, most commonly when referring to a specific version, e.g. DX9.0, DX10
  • Deus Ex (series), a series of first person video games
    • Deus Ex, the first game in the series
  • DX encoding, a standard for marking 35 mm and APS film cartridges so that cameras can determine the film's speed and number of exposures
  • Nikon DX format, an APS-C-sized sensor/lens format for Nikon digital cameras
  • Direct exchange geothermal heat pump, an advanced energy-efficiency technology
  • DX register, a 16-bit general-purpose X86 register
  • Double word eXternal, in the context of 386DX and 486DX CPUs


  • DXing, receiving distant radio or television stations, or making two-way radio contact with distant stations in amateur radio




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