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William Parker
First appearance "The Other Side of This Life, Part 1" (Grey's Anatomy)
"In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else" (Private Practice)
Last appearance "The End of a Beautiful Friendship"
Created by Shonda Rhimes
Portrayed by Chris Lowell
Aliases Dell
Gender Male

Registered Nurse Midwife

Spouse(s) Heather Parker (wife; deceased)
Children Betsy Parker (daughter)
Relatives Wendell Parker (grandfather)

William Parker, more commonly known as Dell Parker, is a character on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. He was portrayed by actor Chris Lowell from the first through third seasons. Dell was the receptionist at the Oceanside Wellness Group as well as a qualified nurse, training to be a mid-wife, helping out the doctors with various tasks. Dell was frequently shown to be concerned with the health of younger patients, which is likely related to his being abused as a child- as well as his having his own young daughter. The character died following injuries sustained in a car crash.


Season 1[edit]

Dell was abused as a child, which allows him to relate to patients of the practice who have similar experiences. In the first season, Dell falls in love with Naomi Bennett, his boss, despite the fact she later becomes involved with Sam Bennett, her former husband. In the season one finale, Dell finally expresses his feelings and tries to kiss Naomi.

Season 2[edit]

In the season two premiere, Dell tries to help Naomi hide the practice's budding financial struggles, under the pretenses of "going green," but does so without her knowledge. However, believing he wants to talk to her regarding his crush on her, Naomi continually ignores his pleas to discuss the matter, forcing Dell to concede and quit his job.

After leaving his job at the Oceanside Wellness Group, Dell works as a nurse at St. Ambrose Hospital, as revealed in the third episode of season two. Upon learning this, Naomi tries to convince Dell to return to the practice without much luck. After a pep talk from Addison, Dell wishes to return to the practice as long as a list of demands are met, one of which states that he is to be exempt from wearing pink scrubs. Sam, the head of the practice at the time, refuses to rehire him. This forces Naomi to fight for his reinstatement to which Sam finally agrees.

Dell later ends up arguing with Addison, who has since become the head of the practice, over whether or not he should have his own office; but he eventually ends up setting one aside for himself without permission. However, Addison does not punish him and allows him to keep the office when it is revealed that he has a six-year-old daughter, Betsy, from an unsuccessful relationship with Heather when he was seventeen; and he was just trying to impress his daughter.

Dell is currently enrolled as a student in the South Bay School of Holistic Midwifery and Family Nursing. He earns credit towards his degree in midwifery by assisting staff doctors with obstetrical exams and childbirths. Dell's hobbies include surfing during his lunch break.

When Heather gets a promotion at work, she talks to Dell, informing him the promotion is in St. Louis. Dell does not want this to happen, and they fight about it. Later on, when Dell goes to talk to her, he finds her apartment empty, and Betsy gone.

Season 3[edit]

Dell married Heather, and most of the group at the Practice did not approve of it. He later yelled at Violet and Naomi due to their opposition of his marriage.

One night when Dell was heading out for work, his home exploded. Betsy escapes with minor injuries, but Heather received third degree burns on her body. Later on, the explosion was revealed to have been caused by Heather cooking crystal meth on the stove. After this revelation, Dell was furious and told Heather to go die and suffer a miserable death for putting their daughter in danger, then proceeded to not allow Betsy see her mother. Later in the hospital that night, Heather died due to her injuries, never having the chance to say good-bye to Dell or Betsy.

Dell later befriended Naomi and Sam's daughter Maya, who had gotten pregnant and didn't have her mother's support. Dell supported Maya when she decided to marry Dink, the father of her baby, and later helped them out during her pregnancy. When Maya goes into labor, she calls Dell who picks her up and drives her to the hospital. They are involved in a car crash and Maya is in a dangerous situation when the doctors discover that if they take out her baby, Maya will be paralyzed, but if they operate on Maya first, the baby will die. Eventually, they manage to find a solution that will keep both of them alive and healthy. With everything going on, nobody pays much attention to Dell, who suddenly passes out and is revealed to have a brain hemorrhage. It has spread because it wasn't detected. Charlotte and Amelia operate on him, but during surgery he goes into cardiac arrest and dies on the table, leaving Betsy an orphan, and everyone in the waiting room shocked with tears streaming down their faces.

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