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Desmond A. "Des" Hanafin (born 1930) is an Irish former Fianna Fáil politician. He was a member of Seanad Éireann for over 30 years.

Personal life[edit]

Des Hanafin was born in Thurles, County Tipperary in 1930. Born into a political family, Hanafin's father was a Fianna Fáil councillor for North Tipperary County Council and prior to that had been a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood[1] and an elected Sinn Féin councillor before independence.

Des Hanafin formerly owned the Anner Hotel in Thurles but, according to his daughter, lost it through excess drinking.[2] Later on Hanafin was a director of the Transinternational Oil Company.

Political career[edit]

Des Hanafin was elected a member of North Tipperary County Council in 1955, holding his seat until 1985. He was first elected to Seanad Éireann in 1965 and retained his seat until the 1993 Seanad Elections at which he lost his seat by one vote. He regained his seat at the 1997 Elections and retired from politics in 2002. He unsuccessfully contested the Dáil elections of 1977 and 1981. He was a chief fundraiser of the Fianna Fáil party for many years.

An opponent of social change in Ireland, Hanafin was one of the promoters of the constitutional amendment that enshrined the legal ban on abortion in the Constitution of Ireland. He also opposed the legalisation of divorce, which was introduced in 1995.


Hanafin's daughter Mary Hanafin is a former Teachta Dála (TD) and cabinet minister. His son John Hanafin was a member of Seanad Éireann from 2002 to 2011.

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