Dongolawi language

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Native to Sudan
Region Nile River
Native speakers
600,000[dubious ]  (1996–2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kzhinclusive code
Individual codes:
dgl – Andaandi (Dongolawi)
xnz – Kenzi (Mattoki)

Dongolawi, also known as Kenuzi-Dongola, is a Nubian language of Sudan and across the border in Egypt. Kenzi (or Kenuzi) dialect is spoken north of Mahas in Egypt, while Dongolawi is spoken south of Mahas around Dongola. They have historically widely been considered two varieties of one language. More recent research recognises them as distinct languages without a "particularly close genetic relationship."[2] With population displacement due to the Aswan High Dam there are communities of speakers in Lower Egypt and in Eastern Sudan (Khashm el-Girba). Apart from these two dialects spoken along the Nile, three other dialects once existed.

It is the largest of the Nubian languages.


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