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Not to be confused with Sillok language.
Shilluk (Chollo)
Dhøg Cøllø
Pronunciation Zɔg ʃɔllɔ
Native to South Sudan & Sudan
Region Upper Nile State & White Nile State (Ogïgg)
Ethnicity Shilluk people (Cøllø) or Sudanese
Native speakers
unknown (175,000 cited 1982)[1]
Official status
Official language in
Shilluk Kingdom
Language codes
ISO 639-3 shk
Glottolog shil1265[2]

Shilluk or Dhøg Cøllø[3] is a Nilotic language spoken by the Shilluk people of South Sudan and Sudan. It is closely related to Luo and other Nilotic peoples' languages. There are twenty nine (29) alphabetic characters in Dhøg Cøllø; ten (10) vowels and 19 consonants.

Dhøg Cøllø Samples[edit]


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