Drama (Jamelia album)

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Studio album by Jamelia
Released 26 June 2000
Recorded 1999–2000
Genre R&B, soul, hip hop
Length 60:34
Label Parlophone
Jamelia chronology
Thank You
Singles from Drama
  1. "I Do"
    Released: 19 July 1999
  2. "Thinking 'Bout You"
    Released: 29 November 1999
  3. "Money"
    Released: 21 February 2000
  4. "Call Me"
    Released: 5 June 2000
  5. "Boy Next Door"
    Released: 2 October 2000

Drama is the debut album from British R&B star Jamelia. The album, a mix of R&B, hip hop, and soul was released on 26 June 2000.


The album features four singles including "I Do", "Money" (Jamelia's first top 5 hit), "Call Me" and "Boy Next Door", which just missed out on a UK top 40 place. "Thinking 'Bout You" was originally to be released after "I Do" as the album's second single, however it was replaced with "Money". The version of "Thinking 'Bout You" on this album is in fact a remixed version of the song with the original version scrapped, it originally contained a sample of "Thinking Of You" by Sister Sledge with slightly different lyrics, it can be found on promotional copies of the single, a video was also filmed but never released.

The album peaked at #39 on the UK Albums Chart, being certified as Gold, selling more than 100,000 copies.


Hot on the heels of two massive R&B hits, the UK equivalent to Monica introduces her debut album "Drama". Following the fresh yet gimicky sound of hit single "Money" I expected an album based on similar selling points. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the mature sound throughout along with the quality and interesting production and vocals.

Standout tracks include "Money", "I Do" and "Call Me" as well as the melodic innocence of "Boy Next Door" and contrasting cheekiness of "Room 101". On the face of it, "Drama" doesn't bring anything new to the world of R&B and doesn't quite have the same impact as "Money". However, having written all but one of the 13 tracks (the exception being a cover of BeeGees' classic "Guilty"), Jamelia is one of the UK's big R&B's hopes and destined to shine brighter. A good debut![1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "One"
  2. "Money" (featuring Beenie Man)
  3. "Call Me"
  4. "Not with You"
  5. "Boy Next Door"
  6. "One Day"
  7. "Ghetto"
  8. "Thinking 'Bout You"
  9. "I Do"
  10. "Room 101"
  11. "Guilty"
  12. "I Can't Be"
  13. "This Time"

Japanese track listing[edit]

  1. "One"
  2. "Thinking 'Bout You"
  3. "I Do"
  4. "Not with You"
  5. "This Time"
  6. "Money"
  7. "Room 101"
  8. "You Say You Love Me"
  9. "I Can't Be"
  10. "Call Me"
  11. "Boy Next Door"
  12. "Guilty"
  13. "One Day"
  14. "Ghetto"
  15. "What Is Love"


"I Do"
  • Released: 19 July 1999
  • Chart positions: #36 (UK)
  • Released: 21 February 2000
  • Chart positions: #5 (UK)
"Call Me"
  • Released: 5 June 2000
  • Chart positions: #11 (UK)
"Boy Next Door"
  • Released: 2 October 2000
  • Chart positions: #42 (UK)

Chart performance[edit]

UK Album Chart Peak Position 39