Drammen Station

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Drammen Station with a NSB Class 73 unit
Station statistics
Address Downtown, Drammen
Coordinates 59°44′24″N 10°12′16″E / 59.74000°N 10.20444°E / 59.74000; 10.20444Coordinates: 59°44′24″N 10°12′16″E / 59.74000°N 10.20444°E / 59.74000; 10.20444
Elevation 2.2 m asl
Line(s) Drammen Line
Sørlandet Line
Vestfold Line
Distance 52.86 km
Other information
Opened 1866
Owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration
Operator Norwegian State Railways

Drammen is a railway station located in downtown Drammen in Buskerud, Norway. The station is the terminus of both the Sørlandet Line, the Drammen Line and the Vestfold Line. It was opened in 1866 with the opening of the Randsfjorden Line.

The station is served by local trains to Oslo, Kongsberg and Eidsvoll, regional trains on the Vestfold Line and express trains to Bergen on the Bergen Line and to Kristiansand on the Sørlandet Line. From 20 August 2009, the station became the terminus of the Airport Express Train.

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A local NSB BM69 train at Drammen Station
Preceding station Line Following station
Drammen Line Brakerøya
Gulskogen Sørlandet Line
Sande Vestfold Line
Preceding station Express trains Following station
Hokksund   BergenOslo S   Asker
  KristiansandOslo S  
Preceding station Regional trains Following station
Sande R10 SkienOslo SLillehammer   Asker
F2 Airport Express Train   Asker
Preceding station Local trains Following station
Gulskogen L12 KongsbergOslo SEidsvoll   Brakerøya
L13 DrammenOslo SDal   Asker

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