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For the children's book series, see The Secrets of Droon.
Droon in action at a Wood party

Droon is an alias of Belgian breakcore producer William Ghysels. Droon is also active as graphic designer, working from planet-mu, ad noiseam, overkill, and many more. He won an award for the short video "Screen".

Droon's first steps in making music were somewhere in between drum and bass and Thunderdome gabber music. He was also inspired by a set Richard D James played in Ghent, Belgium in 1998. He found out other people made music in the style he thought he had invented via widerstand.org, and that they called it breakcore. Through widerstand.org he also got to know Jurgen Desmet aka Sickboy. Together with a few other Belgians from widerstand.org, with the help of SmartArtMovement, they founded Breakcore Gives Me Wood.

For live-shows Droon uses a keytar: a regular computer keyboard made to look like a flying V guitar. The keys are mapped to audio loops using the free application Soundplant. He has thought up this way of performing live because it's more "rock and roll" than just standing behind a laptop and staring at the screen.

Until 2006 Droon hadn't released any records yet, but still managed to get booked internationally, amongst other touring in China. His music mostly got spread through MP3. A first two track 7" was finally released on Wood records in 2006, having been ready since 2004. Since then, Droon has played in Russia, Japan, The USA and Australia,[1] and released 2 more records, "gluttons vs bingers" and "cripplefight".

Droon still is resident at Breakcore Gives Me Wood and as of 2005 as 'operating manager' in charge of booking artists. He creates the flyers and other artwork for and plays live at every Wood party.


  • Hold the West In Hand / Barndance (2006, Wood/Audiobot Records)
  • Gluttons vs Bingers (2007, zer071 recordings)
  • Cripplefight (2007, Wood Records)


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