Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne

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Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne
Formation 1964
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Membership 22 member schools
Official language
Secretary General
Mr. Steven Kenworthy (Aquinas College)
Website www.eism.org

The Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne (EISM or EIS) are a group of twenty two independent secondary schools in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The schools compete against one another in sporting competitions.


The first instance of the Independent Schools in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne coming together is in 1964 as the Eastern Independent Schools Association. Initially the competition was for boys only, and the only sport offered was Australian Rules Football. It developed rapidly to include Athletics, Cross-Country and Swimming carnivals, Cricket, Tennis, and Debating. These competitions were held on Saturdays. The 1966 Swimming carnival was held at Croydon Memorial Pool on 5 March. Tennis, Softball and a Swimming carnival were contested for the first time in the 1971 season. The Boys by this stage had included Soccer, Basketball and Table Tennis into their sporting fixtures.

Cultural Component[edit]

Part of the original intention of the EISM was for it to have a cultural component for the boys. This took the form of a Music Festival. Students from all schools would meet at a central venue and give a performance. The girls also had the opportunity to do this and also participate in a Drama festival which was discontinued in 1982 due to lack of interest.

Amalgamation of EISA & EIGSA[edit]

In 1978, moves were initiated to combine the boys and girls competitions, with the 2 meeting formally in the middle of Term 2, 1978. After 12 months of joint meetings, the motion That there be an amalgamation of E.I.S.A. with E.I.G.S.A. to form one association was put to the Principals meeting on 8 August 1979. The motion was defeated. An alternative motion was then put which established a committee of principals and sport teachers whose task was to investigate the special needs of schools and also draw up a draft set of rules and regulations. The second draft of this committee had the name of the association as the ESISA, The Eastern Suburban Independent Schools Association. Eventually, the name Association of Eastern Independent Schools was agreed upon in April 1980.

Member schools[edit]


(N.B. Year of entry to the EIS in brackets.)


(N.B. Years of participation in the EIS in brackets.)

Eastern Independent Girls Schools Association (1970-1980)[edit]

There was a push for girls to have access to inter-school sport, and after extensive meetings in 1970 the following schools formed the EIGSA:

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