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Eberhard Faber GmbH was founded in 1922 in Neumarkt, near Nuremberg, Germany, as a pencil factory. It was taken over in 1978 by Staedtler, a stationery company with global presence. Eberhard Faber's popular US writing pencil operations were founded in New York City in 1861, by the East River at the foot of 42nd Street, on the present site of the United Nations building, by John Eberhard Faber (6 December 1822 – 2 March 1879).[1] This factory was acquired by Faber-Castell USA in 1994 before being bought by Newell (Sanford) and eventually rolled into the Paper Mate brand [1].

Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell had his pencil durability test published in The Economist magazine for the 3 March 2007 issue. In this test he threw 144 pencils from the 30-meter tower of his castle and not one broke. The Count boasts lesser pencils will break but his graphite is very tightly bound to its pinewood sleeve.[2]

Leonard E. Read (1898-1983) in his 1958 Essay "I, Pencil" detailed the economic ‘Free Market’ benefit to the world economy of a ‘Mongol 482’ Eberhard Faber pencil.

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