Eggerland Mystery

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Eggerland Mystery
Eggerland Mystery.JPG

Eggerland Mystery, European cover art, with cart and box art mirrored
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) HAL Laboratory
Designer(s) I. Okuyama
Series Eggerland series
Platform(s) MSX
Release date(s)
  • JP June 28, 1985
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) Single player

Eggerland Mystery (エッガーランド ミステリー Eggerland Misuteri?) is a 1985 puzzle game for MSX computer systems produced by HAL Laboratory. It is the first game in the Eggerland series. Its main characters named Roro and Lala,[1] would later be renamed for the worldwide release of the future Adventures of Lolo series, and a demo of the final game in the series, Eggerland Episode 0: Quest of Rara.


(Paraphrased translation of the Eggerland Mystery instruction manual, provided by the Eggerland Project website and translated by Goryomae of King Egger and Pleasant Friends):

"King Eden and his three daughters governed Eden Land with love and peace and the land was blessed with a rich harvest for many years. However, one day monsters appeared who longed to make Eden Land their own dominion. They attacked the land, frightened the people, and kidnapped the eldest daughter of the royal family (Lala). Edenah, the great guardian of Eden Land, witnessed the whole spectacle and grew angry, confining the monsters to an underground realm known as Eggerland. Then, he split his body up into Diamond Framers and his heart into four parts (North, South, East, and West) and discovered a young man named Lolo that would set forth in Eggerland to rescue Lala and defeat the monsters residing their by solving the complex labyrinth. Lolo discovered the Four Gods, collected the Diamond Framers, and saved Lala, escaping the monsters' pursuit. The King was impressed and permitted them to be married and they were given a beautiful land from the great Edenah and became king and queen and were loved forever."

Game information[edit]

  • This game was rather popular due to its innovation and challenge. There are 105 rooms in the game as well as a map construction mode.
  • Leepers, Rockies, and Don Medusas are not in this game, but appear in the sequel Eggerland 2.
  • Unlike future games, this game involves collecting Diamond Framers instead of Heart Framers.
  • This is the only game to contain the Emerald Framer power, which allows Lolo to place an EF in front of him. It was replaced with the Hammer power in all other games.
  • The speed of the gameplay is about half of the NES titles.
  • There are timed bonus maps, which involve infinite magic shots and shooting all monsters off the screen.

International versions[edit]

  • The game has been released under different names internationally. The name of the Italian version is "Natalino Folle".[2]

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