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Employment fraud, or occupational fraud, is the scamming of people seeking or performing employment, giving them the false hope of earning wages of which they are often desperately in need. There are numerous methods that perpetrators of such schemes use to lure victims. These include promises such as easy hire, easy work, high wages for unskilled labor, flexible hours, a small number of hours paired with a lot of free time, or other attractive offers.


One type of employment fraud happens when a contractor is hired for a duration, verbally promised additional compensation, and then has the compensation and the evidence denied for the purposes of terminating the contract with the contractor.

Another type of employment fraud is when a criminal creates a form of false advertising which lures unsuspecting victims into a situation where, out of desperation or lack of knowledge, they are tricked into committing a crime or become a victim of a crime such as identity theft, embezzlement or similar types of fraud.


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