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Engie Benjy was a pre-school children's television show, broadcast on ITV's children's strand, CITV. Engie Benjy is a blue haired boy, a mechanic who helps fix problems with his friends' vehicles. His dog is Jollop. Other characters include Pilot Pete and Astronaut Al. The vehicles included in the show are a van (Dan the van), a bus, a bike, a plane, a boat, a tractor and a spaceship.

Engie Benjy has a few catch phrases: "whadda-we-do-Dan?", "This is an emergency!" and "Great work team!" Engie also has a song he sings when solving a problem: "There's a problem here without a doubt, let's look around and check it out... Spin the screws, hear the hum, check the temperature.."

The main character voices are provided by television double act, Ant and Dec. In the first series Dec voiced the title role of Engie Benjy while Ant voiced his dog, Jollop. In the third series another character was added for Ant to voice called Trucker Troy, Engie Benjy's cousin.

Many of the other characters are voiced by the entertainer Les Dennis.

The theme tune is sung by Ant and Dec and performed by Clint Boon, the keyboard player with the Inspiral Carpets.

The show was produced by Bridget Appleby, Cosgrove Hall Films and first shown on CITV, and it is also seen on Nick Jr. It has been sold in over 80 territories worldwide.

Series guide[edit]

  • Series 1: 13 editions - First shown from 4 September 2002
  • Series 2: 13 editions - First shown from 9 September 2003
  • Series 3: 13 editions - First shown from 22 March 2004
  • Series 4: 13 editions - First shown from 6 September 2004


  • Al and Jason the Spaceship
  • Dotty and Gus the Bus
  • Engie, Troy, Big Rig, Jollop, Jenny and Dan
  • Celia and Jan the Van
  • Fred and Macta the Tractor
  • Finn and Ploat the Boat
  • Mo and Mike the Bike
  • Keith and Mooking Ran the Cooking Van
  • Pete and Shane the Plane
  • Lou and Laking Stan the Baking Van

Astronaut Al[edit]

Occupation Astronaut

Al is an astronout. He talks funny. He is partners with Jason the Spaceship.

Driver Dottie[edit]

Occupation Bus Driver

Dottie is a bus driver. She is partners with Gus the Bus and is friendly.

Trucker Troy[edit]

Occupation Lorry Driver

Troy is a lorry driver. He is Engie Benjy's cousin and partners with Big Rig.

Engie Benjy[edit]

Occupation Mechanic

Engie is a mechanic. He is partners with Jollop (a dog) and Dan (a car). He is cousins with Trucker Troy.

Fisherman Finn[edit]

Occupation Fisherman

Finn is a fisherman. He is partners with Ploat the Boat. He talks silly like Astronout Al.

Cooking Celia[edit]

Occupation Cook

Celia is a cook. She is part of the cooking team and partners with Mooking Ran the Cooking Van.

Pilot Pete[edit]

Occupation Pilot

He is a pilot and is partners with plane.


Engie Benjy The Movie - Down the Mine a CGI computer-animated feature film will be released in early 2015, James McAvoy will voice as Engie Benjy, Bill Nighy, Richard Griffiths, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton and Other TBA British Actors and Actress, The Story about all the Engie Benjy's Friends are trapped in the Mine, So Engie Benjy has to rescue them.

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