Ente Upasana

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Ente Upasana
Ente Upasana.jpg
Ente Upasana DVD cover
Directed by Bharathan
Produced by Joy Thomas
Screenplay by Thoppil Bhasi
Based on Upasana 
by Mallika Yunis
Starring Mammootty
Nedumudi Venu
Music by Johnson
Cinematography Vasant Kumar
Edited by Nazir
Country India
Language Malayalam

Ente Upasana (Malayalam: എന്റെ ഉപാസന) is a 1984 Malayalam film directed by Bharathan, written by Thoppil Bhasi and starring Mammootty and Suhasini. The film is based on the award-winning novel Upasana by Mallika Yunis.[1][2]


Lathika is a working single mother of a son named Jagadish. Her flashback reveals that she lived with her widowed father and grandmother. She falls in love with her cousin who works in the Gulf and they are engaged. Arjunan, a close friend's brother on a fateful rainy day drives Lathika home in a car but the former can not control his feelings and hence rapes her. Lathika becomes pregnant. She moves to a big city to give birth to the child, and her father passes away in the shock.

Back to present, Lathika meets Arjunan, who is now her boss. She and her best friend lives together in a hostel. One day Lathika's son contracts fever and is hospitalised. He is moved from the common ward to a private room by Arjunan. Latikha rushes to the room and is taken aback to see an old woman taking care of her son who happen's to be Arjunan's mother.

One day by chance her ex-lover (cousin) finds out about Lathika's tribulations after he left for Gulf, and in anger he beats up Arjunan. The cousin apologizes to Lathika and asks her to attend his own wedding. Lathika returns her hometown and she finds out that her mother has died. She is visited by Arjunan in her hometown and finally they leave together as a family with her son.



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