Erie County Fair

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Erie County Fair
The Erie County Fair's kiddieland
Genre County Fair
Dates August 6 - 17, 2014
Location(s) Hamburg, New York
Years active 175
Erie County Fair

The Erie County Fair is a fair held in Hamburg in Erie County, New York every August. It is the second largest fair in New York topped only by Great New York State Fair which is 110 acres (0.45 km2) larger, and the third largest county fair in the United States, often drawing over one million in attendance.

The first Erie County Fair was held in 1819, and was hosted by the Erie County Agricultural Society. The fair is currently the second longest operating fair in the United States. The fair is third largest county fair in the USA with the 2013 fair setting an attendance record of 1,160,000.

The 2014 fair will run from August 6 - 17.


The Agricultural Society was established in 1819, then called the Niagara County Horticultural Society. It held its first fair in 1820 on what is now the site of the Donovan Office Building in Buffalo. One year later, Niagara County split into Erie and Niagara Counties, and so did the agricultural society. The Erie County Agricultural Society is the oldest civic, community member organization in Erie County. The only time in the history of the fair where the event was not held was 1943 during World War II due to rationing of supplies for the war effort. The fair was briefly renamed America's Fair during the early to mid-2000s in an effort to expand the fair beyond Erie County; it has since been renamed the Erie County Fair.


Beginning in the 1990s, fairs had themes. Recent themes include:

2014- Growing Strong

2013- Experience it

2012- Wild About the Fair

2011- Red, White, and You

2010- Fair Fever

2009- Summer Love a Fair

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