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This is a list of extreme points of New England, which are points that extend farther north, south, east, or west than any other part of New England. There is also the highest point, the lowest point, and the geographic center.

Point/town Location Coordinates
Northernmost point Estcourt Station, Maine, opposite Pohénégamook, Quebec 47°28′N 69°13′W / 47.467°N 69.217°W / 47.467; -69.217
Southernmost point Great Captain Island, Connecticut 40°59′N 73°37′W / 40.983°N 73.617°W / 40.983; -73.617
Westernmost point In Greenwich, Connecticut, approximately 1 mile west of I-684, in Fairfield County (near the intersection of High Hill Road and King Street) 41°6′2″N 73°43′39″W / 41.10056°N 73.72750°W / 41.10056; -73.72750
Easternmost point West Quoddy Head, Maine (also the easternmost point in the 50 United States) 44°49′N 66°57′W / 44.817°N 66.950°W / 44.817; -66.950
Northernmost town Madawaska, Maine 47°18′25″N 68°14′29″W / 47.30694°N 68.24139°W / 47.30694; -68.24139
Southernmost town Byram, part of Greenwich, Connecticut 41°0′N 73°37′W / 41.000°N 73.617°W / 41.000; -73.617
Westernmost town Greenwich, Connecticut (American Lane) 41°2′N 73°37′W / 41.033°N 73.617°W / 41.033; -73.617
Easternmost town Lubec, Maine 44°50′N 67°1′W / 44.833°N 67.017°W / 44.833; -67.017
Easternmost city Eastport, Maine 44°54′49″N 67°0′14″W / 44.91361°N 67.00389°W / 44.91361; -67.00389
Highest Point Mount Washington, New Hampshire — 6,288.2 feet (1916.66 m)[1]
(Sargent's Purchase/Thompson and Meserve's Purchase)
44°16′13″N 71°18′12″W / 44.27028°N 71.30333°W / 44.27028; -71.30333
Lowest Point Atlantic Oceansea level
Geographic Center Dunbarton, New Hampshire[2] 43°06′N 71°36′W / 43.100°N 71.600°W / 43.100; -71.600

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