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"Field Trip"
How I Met Your Mother episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 5
Directed by Pamela Fryman
Written by Jamie Rhonheimer
Production code 7ALH06
Original air date October 10, 2011 (2011-10-10)
Guest actors

Jamie Denbo (Sheila)
Kal Penn (Kevin)
Martin Short (Garrison Cootes)
Jay Acovone (Vance)
Jamie Lea Willett (Gina)
Nick Pasqual (Will)

Season 7 episodes

"Field Trip" is the fifth episode of the seventh season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and the 141st episode overall. It aired on October 10, 2011.[1]


Ted wants to take his class on a field trip to the GNB Tower construction site in hopes of inspiring at least one student to become an architect. However, the field trip goes awry when Ted finds he cannot enter the site, and ends up taking his class to various places in the city instead, picking up Barney and a German family in the process, while losing more students. Ted feels that his field trip is a failure, but is delighted when one of his students admits that he might consider becoming an architect (though Future Ted reveals that the student actually became a Disc jockey).

During the field trip, Barney reveals that after he discovered that Nora hates Ewoks, he assumes that she lied about her age based on the theory that everyone born before May 25, 1973 was old enough to hate the Ewoks by the time Return of the Jedi was released. He and Ted wind up using his class and the German family as a focus group to resolve all their long-standing debates, with little resolution for their current problems. However, when Barney confronts Nora after deciding that he is willing to accept that she apparently lied about her age, she explains that she has only recently watched the Star Wars films, explaining her dislike of Ewoks.

Meanwhile, Robin finds her sessions with Kevin, her therapist, have been going well, but is disappointed when he abruptly ends them with the claim he is moving to Alaska. They run into each other a week later, when Kevin confesses he had to stop seeing her because he liked her, but ethically cannot date her because she was his patient. However, Robin and Kevin begin meeting each other regularly for breakfast at a diner for several days until Robin arrives late one day after running 40 blocks in the rain because she missed her bus and Kevin suggests they go on an actual date. All of Robin's friends find the relationship inappropriate, which eventually makes both Robin and Kevin uncomfortable, especially as Kevin believes he has taken advantage of the fact he knows of Robin's most vulnerable moments. However, Robin resolves the relationship by having Kevin unload his emotional vulnerabilities and they remain together.

Marshall, in the meantime, expresses disappointment at his new job working for Garrison Cootes, especially after Cootes accepts a $24,000 settlement from a multi-billion dollar corporation responsible for polluting a lake. Though Marshall is horrified when Cootes reveals that he believes there is little hope for saving the environment anymore, Marshall is inspired to fight back after seeing an ultrasound of his unborn child. Marshall goes back to the corporation and delivers a presentation that does not go well until Garrison Cootes walks in and tells the corporation that the settlement money is not enough. When Marshall asks where they are going as they leave, Cootes replies "War, son. We're going to war." As Future Ted reveals, Marshall and Cootes were successful in saving the environment.


A Retrospective's Bliss by Little Sur when Robin and Kevin are "not dating"

Barney's blog[edit]

Barney writes about his experience with Ted's class field trip, and lists some questions that he and Ted asked the class along with what he believes are the correct answers.[2]

Cultural references[edit]

  • Barney describes the way Marshall censors the language in a story he tells as being "like watching The Breakfast Club on TBS".
  • During the fieldtrip the viewers are led to believe that one of the votings is about which character, Edward or Jacob in The Twilight Saga, is more desirable. After the vote, it is revealed that Ted and Barney actually are discussing whether the lead actor's name was Jacob James Olmos or Edward James Olmos in the film Stand and Deliver.
  • Ted refers to Indiana Jones in his introduction to the field trip.
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Ewoks are referenced when Ted suggests that Garrison Cootes only appears "soft" but will become tough like an Ewok when the time comes. Ewoks also become the basis of Barney's theory on why Nora is too old for him to date. The song 'Yub Nub', sung by the Ewoks in celebration of the destruction of the Galactic Empire (Star Wars), features in this episode as well.
  • Garrison Cootes mentions that he has all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. Marshall tells him he can skip season 2.
  • Barney refers the student who turns off the lights for his presentation as "Bieber", due to his resemblance to the pop star.
  • The German family who joined in Ted's field trip are fans of David Hasselhoff, referencing the actor's German popularity.
  • When Ted dismissed the field trip he says "Auf Wiedersehen!" ("Goodbye!") to the German family.
  • The picture of the building that is shown when Barney starts his lecture about college is of the Main Quad of University College Cork.


The AV Club's Margaret Eby gave the episode a B.[3]


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