Fifi and the Flowertots

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Fifi and the Flowertots
Fifi and Peppa Pig
Fifi (left) and Peppa Pig in Tkalčićeva Street
Genre Animated
Created by Keith Chapman
Voices of Maria Darling
Tim Whitnall
Marc Silk
Kate Harbour
Theme music composer Paul K. Joyce
Opening theme "Fifi and the Flowertots"
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 117
Running time 29 mins
Production company(s) Cosgrove Hall Films
Chapman Entertainment
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
DreamWorks Animation
Original channel Nick Jr. (USA)
Original release 2 May 2005 – 19 December 2009
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Fifi and the Flowertots is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first broadcast in May 2005, which is shown on Five, and on Nick Jr. It has also been translated into Welsh as Fifi a'i Ffrindau (Fifi and Friends) and is shown on S4C. In January 2008, it premiered on the PBS Kids Sprout on-demand/cable television channel in the United States. The series ended in December 2009.

It features a group of flower-based characters and their adventures and activities through the garden. The title character, Fifi Forget-Me-Not, is voiced by Jane Horrocks, while the other characters are voiced by Kate Harbour, Tim Whitnall and Marc Silk. This series is animated by Cosgrove Hall Films (2005–2008) and produced by Chapman Entertainment. Creator Keith Chapman is also the originator of the Bob the Builder series.

UK and USA Worldwide DVD and Video History[edit]


The Flowertots:

  • Aunt Tulip is Fifi's aunt. She likes to have tea parties and chats with the Flowertots. Her catchphrase is "Sweet Potatoes!". She lives in a pineapple house and has a grub pet, whose name is Grubby. Grubby is very little, and so is often lost.
  • Buttercup is a buttercup. She lives in "Milk Bucket House" with Daisy and has a soft toy mouse called Cornflower, named so because of his lovely blue colour.
  • Daisy is a daisy. She is shy and dreamy Flowertot in comparison to her sister Buttercup. She is little clumsy and loves her soft toy "Diddyduck" (a duck)
  • Fifi is the main hero who is usually the most cheerful. She always says: "Hello! I am Fifi Forget-me-not. Welcome to Flowertot (my) Garden!" at the beginning of each episode and at the end: "Bye! Don't forget to come back soon!" or "Don't forget to come and play another day!". When she forgets things to do[1] or meanings, she says: "Fiddly Flowerpetals!", before describing them for the audience to guess. When she remembers, another character says: "Fifi, Forget-Me-Not, Forgot!". Sometimes when she forgets things, her catchphrase is "Buttercups and Daisies!"; when something is wrong, she says: "Diggly Dandelions!". A sociable character, she likes to cook and look after plants. Fifi lives in a yellow watering-can house.
  • Poppy (US: Poppady) is Fifi's friend. She has a market stall where she sells everything the flowertots happen to need for each episode. She lives in a pumpkin house.
  • Primrose is also Fifi's friend. She is snobbish and doesn't like mess. She always wants to look like magnificent. She is sad when something goes wrong. She likes to create apparels for herself and tries to array Fifi in a beautiful dress. Her catchphrase is "I am not having a good day!"
  • Violet is Fifi's friend as well. She is very creative and loves painting. Lives with Primrose in a courgette/marrow house.
  • Pip is the youngest of the Flowertots and is a gooseberry. He likes to help Fifi and Bumble in the garden. Sometimes he is too noisy and gets too excited. Fifi looks after him when Stingo and Slugsy play tricks on him. He lives in the gooseberry bushes on his playground.

The insects:

  • Bumble (US: Fuzzbuzz) — is a bee and Fifi's best friend. He often visits her and always ready to come to her rescue, but isn't very good at landing and usually crashes. His often catchphrase is "Wiggly Worms!"
  • Stingo is a wasp who causes trouble for the Flowertots. He usually tries to steal chocolate, cake, blueberries or other food-related items. His often catchphrase is "Rotten Raspberries!". He lives in a red apple house.
  • Hornetto is Stingo's cousin. He's a guitar playing hornet, and is even nastier than Stingo on occasion.
  • Slugsy is a slug, Stingo's friend. He is always ready to help his boss. He loves Primrose but doesn't want her to find out, sometimes he makes romantic deals. He lives at the top of the Stingo's house and speaks with a lisp.
  • Flutterby is a butterfly, a friendly character. He takes Buttercup and Daisy around the garden and has a landing pad near the girls' house.
  • Webby is a spider. She is the wisest in Flowertot Garden and thus is asked for help and advice by the flowertots. She lives in a web house, and so is named that.
  • Diggly is a grumpy but funny worm who lives on the compost heap. He usually eats scraps, but prefers mouldy pumpkin pies.
  • Mo is Fifi's favourite lawnmower working for compost. He takes harvest and Flowertots around the garden.


  1. ^ Things to do are business, events, works, items or something else that Fifi forgets to do (about).

Season 1 (Series Premiere)

Name Short Description
1. Fifi's Talent Show All the tots enter a talent contest, but Fifi gets so distracted helping everyone else that she has no time to get ready herself! However, her song was much better than Slugsy's poem, and she got a silver medal.
2. Flowertots Fallout Fifi told Bumble off for messing up her flowers, and Primrose scolded Violet for her spoiled dress. Fifi and Primrose become bored, so Fifi decides to make strawberry tarts and be sorry for that.
3. Bumble Catches A Cold Bumble is suffering from a cold, so Flowertots make picnic at home.
4. Smelly Slugsy Primrose is invited for a meal by Slugsy, but his odour dissuades her from attending. Luckily, Bumble has an idea to troubleshoot it by touching the flowerpetals.
5. Bumble Gets A Makeover Fifi helps Bumble to paint his house. Primrose thinks that it's not good and asks to use decorations for beauty. But everything goes wrong that a ribbon gets stuck into a honey tap, so she decides to remove all the decorations and understands that beauty is not always important: the main thing is everything gets on very well.
6. Bumble Helps Out Fifi is busy planting her flowers from the ground to the pots and forgets about the tea party. Bumble decides to help her about it when she is out. But he gets stuck in a compost heap and calls Fifi for help.
7. Stingo Gets Stuck Stingo attempts to help Webby, whose web has become filthy and made everything come unstuck.
8. Flowertots Go Nuts Strange objects have appeared in the garden after a storm. The tots ask Webby what they are and Webby explains that they are nuts and they can use them to make soap. This idea came in very handy because all the soap was sold in Poppy's market stall. Flowertots make soap and Primrose washes her dress out of dirt, and it becomes good as new!
9. Bumble's Big Race Stingo challenges Bumble to a race, and decides to win no matter what.
10. Blueberry Surprise Fifi and Bumble offer to help out when Primrose and Violet's garden becomes over-run with fallen blueberries. After that they decide to make juice but maybe tomorrow they are already tired to do it today.
11. Picture Perfect The Flowertots draw pictures but all of them are so good that Primrose can't choose a winner. But she makes a prize for Stingo: set of colours.
12. Violet's Party When Fifi's invitation to Violet's party fails to arrive, she assumes that she has fallen out of favour. But Primrose just moved from Slugsy's slide to cut her way, and Violet at last invited Fifi and explained what she had made: jelly, ice cream, cucumber sandwiches, birthday cake. They went to the party.

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