Flattop Mountain (North Carolina)

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Flattop Mountain
Mountains north of Linville.jpg
Flattop Mountain, between Sugar Mountain (left) and Brier Knob (center), also Grandfather Mountain (right) and Pixie Mountain (far right)
Elevation 4,944 ft (1,507 m)[1]
Flattop Mountain is located in North Carolina
Flattop Mountain
Flattop Mountain
Location in North Carolina
Location Avery County, North Carolina, U.S.
Range Blue Ridge Mountains
Coordinates 36°06′54″N 81°51′42″W / 36.11500°N 81.86167°W / 36.11500; -81.86167Coordinates: 36°06′54″N 81°51′42″W / 36.11500°N 81.86167°W / 36.11500; -81.86167[1]
Topo map USGS Grandfather Mountain

Flattop Mountain is a mountain in the North Carolina High Country, at the village of Sugar Mountain. It is wholly in the Pisgah National Forest. Its elevation reaches 4,944 feet (1,507 m). Feeder streams from the mountain flow directly into the Linville River, except along the north slope where Flattop Creek flows directly into the Elk River; the mountain is partitioned by the Eastern Continental Divide.

Because of its adjacent proximity, it has been mistaken as part of Sugar Mountain.


Linville Ridge Golf and Country Club is open late Spring to early Fall; it is situated on the summit of Flattop Mountain.