Flower/Satan Is Boring

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"Flower/Satan Is Boring"
Single by Sonic Youth
from the album Bad Moon Rising
Released 1985
Genre No Wave, noise rock
Label Homestead Records
Producer(s) Sonic Youth, Martin Bisi, John Erskine
Sonic Youth singles chronology
"Flower/Satan Is Boring"
"Halloween II"

Flower/Satan is Boring (Supermix) is a single by the alternative rock band Sonic Youth released in the United Kingdom in 1986, but quickly withdrawn at the band's request. "Flower" has been released as bonus track on the CD reissue of the band's 1985 album Bad Moon Rising. "Satan is boring (Supermix)" features two live versions mixed together - the left channel was recorded in Rotterdam, 2 April 1985, while the right channel is from Aylesbury, 26 April 1985. It has never been re-released.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Flower"
  2. "Satan Is Boring" (Supermix)


  • 1986 - 12" - Blast First - BFFP 3 - Released in UK.