Frank Heemskerk

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Frank Heemskerk
Heemskerk Dutch politician kabinet Balkenende IV.jpg
Minister for Foreign Trade within the Ministry of Economic Affairs
In office
22 February 2007 – 23 February 2010
Member of the House of Representatives
In office
Personal details
Born (1969-07-26) July 26, 1969 (age 45)
Haarlem, Netherlands
Political party Labour Party (Netherlands)

Frank Heemskerk (born July 26, 1969 in Haarlem) is a former Dutch politician. He was member of Parliament for the Labour Party between 2003 and 2006 and was Minister for Foreign Trade within the Ministry of Economic Affairs from 2006 till 2010.[1][2]

Heemskerk studied economics at the University of Amsterdam. He worked for ABN AMRO and made a career in the banking world. He also got involved in the social-democratic renewal movement Niet Nix.[3]

In the 2003 elections Heemskerk was elected to the House of Representatives. In parliament he specialized in the relationship between market and government and with the reform of the health care system. During the 2006 elections Heemskerk was not reelected, as he was the 39th candidate and the PvdA only got 34 seats.[4]

Frank Heemskerk is a member of the Bilderberg Group.[5]


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