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For the part of anatomy "fudge tunnel" is slang for, see rectum.
Fudge Tunnel
Fudge Tunnel.jpg
L-R: David Ryley, Alex Newport, and Adrian Parkin
Background information
Origin Nottingham, England
Genres Sludge metal,[1] alternative metal,[1] noise rock[2]
Years active 1989–1995
Labels Earache
Associated acts Nailbomb
Theory of Ruin
Red Love
Members Alex Newport
David Ryley
Adrian Parkin

Fudge Tunnel were a band formed in Nottingham, England by Alex Newport, David Ryley and Adrian Parkin. After two critically acclaimed singles on Pigboy Records ("Fudge Tunnel" in 1989, "The Sweet Sound of Excess" in 1990), they signed to Nottingham's Earache Records. Their debut album was Hate Songs in E Minor, which attracted a large amount of press interest after the original album artwork was confiscated by the Nottingham Vice Squad.[3]

Fudge Tunnel's reputation was built around their massive guitar sound and ironic sense of humour, which did not always endear them to the music press.

Two more albums were to follow in 1993 (Creep Diets) and 1994 (The Complicated Futility of Ignorance), as did a collaboration between Sepultura's Max Cavalera and Fudge Tunnel's Alex Newport on the Nailbomb project, which saw one studio album and one live album of their Dynamo Open Air Festival performance.

After the release of their third studio album, the band split up. David Ryley ran his label BGR Records for a while. Adrian Parkin played with Tubesurfer until 1996 when they too split up, and then returned to being a quantity surveyor in Bolton. Alex Newport went on to pursue a successful career as a producer/mixer and now lives and runs his own studio in New York. He has produced albums by At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Bloc Party, City And Colour, and many others.[4] He also formed the band Theory of Ruin, who released one album, Counter Culture Nosebleed and the Frontline Poster Child EP, both on Escape Artist Records and currently is playing in Red Love with Matt Tong.


Singles and EPs[edit]

  • "Fudge Tunnel" (Pigboy/Vinyl Solution, 1989, PIG2)
  • "The Sweet Sound of Excess" (Pigboy/Vinyl Solution, 1990, 12PIG4)
  • "Fudgecake" (Pigboy/Vinyl solution/Cargo, 1992, OINK11)
  • "Teeth" EP (Earache/Relativity, 1992, MOSH57)
  • "The Joy of Irony" (Earache, 1994, 7MOSH124)


  • Hate Songs in E Minor (Earache/Relativity, 1991, MOSH36)
  • Creep Diets (Earache/Columbia, 1993, MOSH64)
  • The Complicated Futility of Ignorance (Earache, 1994, MOSH119)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Grey - Dining Hall Classics (Sony, 1993)
  • In a Word (Earache, 1994, MOSH99)
  • Whore - Various Artists Play Wire (WMO, 1996, WMO2CD)


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