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Fullpower Technologies, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Wireless, Life Sciences, Biotech
Founded 2003
Headquarters Santa Cruz, California
Key people Philippe Kahn, CEO
Sonia Lee, President[1]
Website www.fullpower.com

Fullpower is an intellectual property and technology licensing private company based in Santa Cruz, California. Patents cover wearable technology, sensor fusion and motion processors.[2] Its MotionX mobile sensing technology is licensed by companies such as Nike, Jawbone, Pioneer and JVC. MotionX is also used in navigation applications for the Apple iPhone and iPad.[3][4] Fullpower provides software for sensors including Microelectromechanical systems accelerometers, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, pressure sensors, magnetometers, GPS components as well as other microelectromechanical systems and health sensors.[5]


Fullpower was founded in 2003 by Philippe Kahn and Sonia Lee, but did not make any announcements until 2007. The couple attracted media attention, since the previous two companies they founded, Starfish Software and LightSurf, were acquired for hundreds of millions of dollars.[6] In July 2014, Fullpower said in a press release it has 45 issued patents and over 75 patents pending.[7] These include technologies for wearable non-invasive medical devices including for sleep, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and epidemics.[8]

Fullpower’s 45 issued US patents (as of December 2014) include:

  • US patent number 8,784,309 "relates to monitoring human activity, and more particularly to accurately calculating user activity statistics using a location sensor and an inertial sensor." This patent is an addition to Fullpower's portfolio for the MotionX Sensor-Fusion processor technology.[7]
  • US patent number 8,568,310 is "a method of using a motion sensor and a location-based sensor together to perform sensor fusion, enabling activity identification," according to the patent description. Other related US Patents include numbers 8,187,182, 7,647,195, 7,970,586, and 8,320,578.
  • US patent number 8,187,182 outlines a method and apparatus using sensor fusion for accurate activity identification. US patent number 7,705,723 outlines a method and apparatus to provide outbreak notifications based on historical location data.[2]


MotionX brand logo
Nike+ Running App, powered by MotionX, on an iPhone 4

On June 10, 2008 Fullpower announced applications for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch under the brand MotionX.[9] The first application released was MotionX-Poker, a multi-touch and motion-based dice game for the iPhone available for sale through Apple's App Store.

In February 2012, the MotionX-Sleep application was announced for the Apple App Store. The application enables sleep analysis, heart rate monitoring, and activity monitoring.[10]

On September 7, 2010, Nike released the Nike+ GPS App that tracks human motion using the accelerometer and GPS sensors of the iPhone and the accelerometer of the iPod Touch (which does not currently contain a GPS chip). The application was selected as one of the Wall Street Journal's ten best iPhone Apps of the year.[11] MotionX provides the underlying motion sensing technology for the Nike+ GPS Application.[12]

MotionX-GPS Drive for the iPhone, a door-to-door pedestrian and driving navigation application, was released in September 2009.[3] Reviewers considered it a good balance of features with a relatively low price.[13] With the announcement of the iPad in May 2010, MotionX released customized versions of its navigation application for the iPad.[14]

MotionX-GPS was released on the iPhone in October 2008. MotionX-GPS is a handheld GPS application targeted to hikers, runners, geoacachers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. It utilizes the iPhone 3G's built-in GPS chip. MotionX-GPS uses map data provided by OpenStreetMap.

At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, JVC and Pioneer Corporation announced car stereo systems that integrate with the MotionX-GPS Drive application so that driving directions are shown on the in-car screen and audio verbal directions are heard over the car speakers. This was said to be the first time a commercially available iPhone navigation application used an after-market in-car screen as a display.[15]

Wearable devices[edit]

Jawbone UP Band with MotionX technology inside

MotionX technology is used by the Jawbone UP band. The device analyzes the user's activity and sleep with the sensors built into the Band. A vibrator in the Band is used to wake the user up at the optimal time in a given time window and provide inactivity alerts when the user has been idle longer than a set time interval.[16][17]

Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset uses MotionX to recognize motion

MotionX technology is used by the Jawbone Era bluetooth headset for recognizing human motion. The headset is controlled with motion commands such as the 'TapTap' gesture, two short taps anywhere on the headset, to pick up or hang up calls.[18]

Fullpower.com claims Trademarks for TapTap, ShakeShake, TiltTilt, and Tilt 'n Roll.


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