Fury (novel)

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This article is about the Salman Rushdie novel. For other novels with similar titles, see Fury (disambiguation).
First edition
Author Salman Rushdie
Country Great Britain
Language English
Publisher Jonathan Cape
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 259 pp
ISBN 0-224-06159-3
OCLC 47036146

Fury is the seventh novel by Salman Rushdie. It was published in 2001.

Plot summary[edit]

Malik Solanka, a Cambridge-educated millionaire from Bombay, is looking for an escape from himself. At first he escapes from his academic life by immersing himself into a world of miniatures (after becoming enamored with the miniature houses on display at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), eventually creating a puppet called "Little Brain" and leaving the academy for television.

However, dissatisfaction with the rising popularity of "Little Brain" serves to ignite deeper demons within Solanka's life, resulting in the narrowly avoided murder of his wife and child. To further escape, Solanka travels to New York, hopeful he can lose himself and his demons in America, only to find that he is forced to confront himself.


  • It was translated into Dutch and published as the "Boekenweekgeschenk" (Book Week Gift) of 2001. It is the first book written by a non-Dutch author that was published as Boekenweekgeschenk.