Galatas, Troizina

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View of Galatas from Poros

Galatas (Greek: Γαλατάς), is a town located in the eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula, Greece. It is the seat of the municipality of Troizinia, which belongs to the Islands regional unit. It is situated on the coast, opposite the island Poros, across a 400 m wide strait. The community Galatas consists of the main town Galatas and the villages Agia Sotira, Vlachaiika and Saronida.

Galatas is a small mainland town with a high school, medical center, a church, banks and a new seafront plaza overlooking Poros Island. It connects to the island of Poros with water buses. The area is known for its Lemonodasos ("Lemon forest"), a vast orchard of lemon- and other citrus trees, watered by watermills and made famous by author Kosmas Politis in his 1930 novel by the same name.

Historical population[edit]

Year Galatas Troizina
1981 2,120 -
1991 2,181 6,084
2001 2,592 6,507


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Coordinates: 37°29′48″N 23°26′51″E / 37.49667°N 23.44750°E / 37.49667; 23.44750